Thinks I Thinked...Today

Saturday, March 06, 2010
I thinked I like making up my own verb tenses.
I thinked peanut butter icing for breakfast wakes up all my senses.

I thinked peanut butter icing for breakfast is a real diet kill
I thinked stapling my shirt to a practice page at work took mad skills.

I thinked I shouldn't be left alone with staplers...or super glue...ever.
I thinked the ending date to all the projects in my life is percisely never.

I thinked I can't go to many more Mav's basketball games until I see a cardiologist.
I thinked I've started a dog culture that should perhaps be studied by an anthropologist.

I thinked Grammar is overrated.
I thinked drinking chocolate cake mix is a life philosophy that should be debated.

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Msheepers said...

You're hilarious!!