Defining the Difference Between my Brother and I

Tuesday, March 16, 2010 brother's best friend's wife (connect the dots) is having (another) baby....their first girl (and third baby). I decided to send a little something with my brother who was also getting them a gift. I made another one of my $1 frames. More animal print...more dot ribbon. I can't get over the stuff. (She's going to be named after her grandmother).
My Gift For Brenda

...and then....there was my brother's gift. He commuted 45 minutes for the exact gift he wanted to get their little girl. This is all he bought at...uhh Bass Pro Shop. It's sweet that he wanted to get his friend's little girl a gift, but I think this clearly defines the difference between Jason and I...
Jason's Gift For Brenda

Pink Camo pacifier, and uhh...this little ruffled camo onsie. There are also ruffles, and bows across the bottom on the back. Trust me, his friend will appreciate his gift much more than mine. This is just the tip of the 'difference between my brother and I' iceberg....but it's a pretty critical case in point.


Jo said...

And the wife is saying to herself, "Thank God my husband's best friend's sister is so giving and thoughtful!!". I'm sure since she chose a hunter to marry she likes the onesie but it's her first girl, she probably craves girly things. She up to her knees in boy stuff. She needs ribbons and flair! Hurray for Christy!!

Anonymous said...

Since it's from Jason, it is perfect. It's more for his friend than his friend's wife.