Just a Few Thoughts for Tuesday...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010
-I hope the health department doesn't swing by my house. I'm pretty sure it would be condemned. I need to clean. I need to unpack from the last three weeks of travel. I need to dust. I need to move.
-I'm allergic to spring.
-Last night I tried out a recipe for Squash Casserole. I discovered recently I like it..a lot...apparently, when other people make it. I did a lot of research. I was a little dissappointed in the outcome. It just didn't have enough flavor for me, but it had so much potential in the written form! This morning I discovered the 1/4 c. butter that was supposed to have gone in the dish still sitting in my microwave ready to be melted and added. That sounds about right.
-Sometimes I like to walk to Albertson's Grocery Store in the evening. It's about a mile. I walk through the store, to the bakery, and then...I snag a free cookie out of the bin on their counter, and....walk home again. I don't know if this cancels out the cookie...or the walk....or if this counteractive move cancels out time in general and when I get home I'm no where closer to being healthy, or unhealthy. It's like it all never happened.

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Ella said...

you seriously could write a book! (but I guess you essentially are writing a book with your blogging). hilarious!! and i love the new look and title!! very you! :)