Imagination Required

Wednesday, March 31, 2010
I know Santa has a naughty list, but what sort of list does the Easter bunny keep? I don't know, but this big guy is on it...whatever 'it' is...a rotten egg list, maybe?

I saw some Jelly Bean shaped cookies at thedecoratedcookie website last year. All year I knew I'd be trying out the shape this Easter with my favorite sugar cookie recipe. I bought these little oval cookie cutters (used mostly for fondant work, but....I don't work with

I used the middle size cookie cutter, and pinched in the center of that so the oval became more of a jellybean shape.
I dyed a bunch of icing various bright fun colors. Iced the cookies. Set them on the counter. I tossed about 8 rejects to the back of the counter (bad shape, bad color...lazy icing), and went to get my camera to take a picture of the rest of the cookies. Ten steps into my journey to find my camera I realize I'm one dog short of a dog pack...and now 1 tray short of a jelly bean picture. Max works faster than my brain can function.
Please, let me introduce you to the reject jelly beans that didn't get iced right, aren't the bright colors I loved best, and just got dumped in the trash after this shot.

I'm now moving on to Easter Dessert Plan B. It requires no icing. It also isn't anything 'Easter' themed-other than the fact that it's what I'm going to bring to Easter dinner instead of the Jelly Bean Sugar Cookies. Oh well.

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