Maybe You Shouldn't Read This?

Tuesday, March 09, 2010
Maybe I shouldn't admit this?
Maybe I don't really care anymore?
Maybe this blog is all about admitting things I shouldn't admit?
Maybe this blog doesn't even have THAT much of a purpose?
Maybe there aren't that many people that swing by to hear these confessions anyway?
Maybe that bothers me?
Maybe it doesn't?
Today I was really hungry. REALLY hungry.
Maybe it's a combination of bad recipes, bad cooking, no groceries, and a monthly time clock?
I was really hungry.
I was trying to convince myself NOT to eat anything unhealthy because unhealthy eating defined last Sunday.
I was thinking about any healthy food I might have in my room at work.
I have three Diet Cokes, and one packet of hot chocolate in my room.
Nope, not what I wanted.
I thought harder-surely there was something....
The only thing on my desk right now, besides paper and scissors, is a bag of crayons....and then...
I remembered this guy who I went to school with named Ricky.
In first grade, he used to eat crayons.
I like to believe everyone remembers the crayon-eater in class.
I never tried crayons, but...
I wonder what legacy I left?
Maybe I don't want to know?
I started to sort of....kind of....wish that I had been a crayon eater too b/c then...
Maybe I could channel that inner crayon eater?
...and eat a crayon to conquer the hunger.
Maybe I wouldn't be hungry anymore?
I don't think crayons have calories.
Then I remembered the PTA had left us bags of popcorn in the lounge.
God bless the PTA.
Seriously, this could have ended much worse than...
I went down and burnt the first bag...
I had my teaching partner pop the second bag for me.
It was that...or eat the crayons.
Maybe I should pack a snack tomorrow?
Maybe I should hide the crayons in case I forget to pack a snack tomorrow?

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