Beautiful Blogs....Pass It On!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

My Heart With Pleasures Filled has granted myself and fourteen (OK, she made it to 11, but I appreciate someone leaving her options open) others a "Beautiful Blog Award". I have to pass this on to fifteen other bloggers, and then tell you seven things you may not know about me (...I should have listened to my Mom when she said the world didn't need to know about every detail of my life, I should have held AT LEAST 7 details back!). And's your turn to do the same!

MY Top 15 Beautiful Blogs, in no particular order:
(Basically, my top 15 favorite blogs at the moment.)
1. Jo's Blog-In school, everyone wanted to be Jo's friend-she was just 'that girl' we all liked because she was kind, and quirky, talented, and very real. I think her journey these last 10+ years has made her realize that special person we've always seen, and now she's passing it on to her 3 kids, and her husband (who is souly responsible for the fact that I will not eat Bologna), and she blogs about her life as an ever growing Christian, a real mom, a homeschooler, an army wife, a crafter, and organic lover. She's still kind, and quirky, talented, and very real.
2. Ella's Blog-It's private, but let me just say-she's the Mom of 4 boys, and the wife of a newly ordained minister. She blogs about her life with the boys, and isn't afraid to share the blood, guts, and glory of motherhood in a world of Y chromosomes.
3. One Pretty Thing-It's crafts....on crack. They have no idea I exist, but I look at this site daily....sometimes twice a day.
4. Bakerella-She puts lots of desserts on sticks. She's been on Martha Stewart. I think that about covers all the requirements to be a fabulous blog.
5. Nicole's Blog-Nicole is the friend you all want. She's thoughtful, and giving, a great listener, and very detail oriented. She doesn't blog a lot, but when she does she gives the kind of descriptions I LOVE. Check out some of her travel stuff, she'll give you all the travel details down to her breakfast menu, and the links that go with it.
6. Whimsy Love-I accidentally found this site-which is the best way to get hooked on a site. This gal is cool and off beat, in the right way. She makes really creative, affordable crafts, and just moved to a small town with her husband (who recently began pastoring a church), and two kids. She takes the most interesting photographs.
7. Penny's Blog--I talked to Penny for the first time when I was a teenager and decided I wanted to find out a little bit about my Dad's family (he passed away when I was very young, and his closest relatives had preceded him). She blogs in spurts as she pursues writing. She's very witty. I always look forward to new stories.
8. Maurine's Blog-This is basically an open journal she's writing to her little boy at this point, and it makes me feel closer to the situation even from a distance! She also keeps family, and friends posted on the latest Florida happenings, and travel updates!
9. The Decorated Cookie--I love making iced sugar cookies. I love eating them more, but this gal has a ton of really clever ideas for this venture.
10. The Crafty Crow-This is a site for homeschoolers, sorta. Jo introduced me to it. SUCH clever ideas for all the holidays, with an emphasis on curriculum...if you are into that sort of thing. I'm into that sort of thing.
11. Heidi's Blog-When I read Heidi's blog, I hear her 'voice.' She writes like she lives life, which is upbeat.
12. Amy Atlas' Blog-She does parties. I have no idea who she 'really is,' but I'd like to have her host a party for me, and in the meantime, I want to host a party just like she does.
13. Homemaking Fun-Cute ideas for holidays, parties, and everything in between.
14. My Heart With Pleasures Blog-I'm giving it back, though I don't expect her to find another 15...I'm sorry, I have to, it's true...she's new to the world of blogging. I love it b/c she has a 'blooming' flower business, and she also can take 'that item' in your house that you'd normally toss, and turn it into something beautiful. So clever. The only problem is....I'm not going to be willing to get rid of anything now in anticipation that she might share an idea I can apply to the 'recycled' pieces hanging around.
15. Party Perfect-I love this blog b/c they let you interact with ideas.

Here are the 7 things you may not know...
1. I began blogging years ago when a bunch of 'stuff' was going on, and I lost track of who I told what to, and found my friends and I were missing huge chunks of our lives. A group of us started blogs. Over the years...some of my friends have quit, or slowed down, which also means they don't visit blogs. I was so lonely out here in blogland, but it's my therapy, and I didn't want to stop. I realized I needed a new direction 'for me.' I stopped writing to inform, and now I'm writing to express....and there is an inner me that drinks too much caffeine that comes out. I feel like blogs are so personal, and it's a choice if you look, so it's more special when friends take the time to read it, or comment! And it's just theraputic.
2. I have imaginary blogging friends, that could never have imagined I existed. I'm revamping my blog, and I'm adding my 'imaginary friends' and then I'm commenting on their blogs. I'm going to let them know, that I know that they are there, and that I follow their blogs, and love their blogs, and am inspired by their blogs, and that they are the reason I'm 10 pounds heavier, 10 dollars poorer, but 10 times happier seeing the wonderfulness the world has to offer.
3. I want to learn to make delicious macaroni, flavorful tamales, and chocolate cake that will make your toes curl. I keep trying, I'm not there yet. I also want to live in a world where calories don't count, and exercise is something you do just because it 'feels good' and not because their are health benefits. I would encourage people that wanted to exercise and feel good...from my couch...eating my macaronni.
4. I fear planes, bridges, whales, and disappointing people.
5. If I get 4 hours a sleep a day, I'm doing good, and I'm feeling great. I have never wanted to get a lot of sleep. When I was little it cut too deeply into my playtime. When I got cut too deeply into my playtime, so I just don't do it.
6. I'd rather do just about anything than act, or dress up in a costume....please just add these to #4....I have never been a fan, but I'll be happy to sew you a costume, or take a video of YOU acting. Just DON'T MAKE ME DO IT...please.
7. I used to be a 'sandwich artist.' I have mad bread braiding skills. I can also write your name on a small grain of rice-this is important out world, I'm almost ready to take over.


Charles and Heidi said...

Thanks, Christy, for the award. Unfortunately I only have one other blogger that I read that I have invited to read mine. I do stalk other blogs! I just don't want any stalkers to read mine. I'm selfish that way!
Your blog is such a blessing to me!! I am grateful that you take the time to write it. It makes me feel like we are still neighbors!! But if we were .. I'd be at your door drooling every time you posted some of your yummy treats!! When you come up with the ultimate chocolate cake... let me know!! That is my ultimate weakness!!

Lori said...

Gotta love labels. Yeah! It will be easier to track down your recipe and party ideas now. And you are correct, there is no way I can come up with another 15/11 blogs so quickly to bestow the award to. Enjoy your weekend.

Christy said...

@ Heidi-Someday, I'll have you over for cake. :O) I just have to find 'my cake' first. :O)
@ Lori-I need to revamp my labels, I just started a few months ago, and there are just too many, but....this takes time, and it's not high on my priority list....somday. :O)