Mom's Scrapbook: In My Brother's Words

Saturday, May 08, 2010
Mother's Day Past

I made this book a few years ago for my Mom. She actually has two of these-one with pictures of her and I from year's gone by, and this one of my brother and Mom through the years that I made her for Mother's Day two years ago. I tried to select pictures that reflected our 'growing up' years. There aren't enough pages to portray the impact. My brother helped me choose which pictures to include in his book. I scrapbooked the pages, and left tags on each page. I then gave him the 'color coordinated' pens to use with each page, and he wrote his memories. After 30 years of being my brother, he doesn't fight these assignments. I love that it's memories in his words. I think my Mom does too. I included some of his favorite childhood memories, sports, family time, holidays, fishing etc with pictures 'through the years.' Most pages had then and nows. Here are a very few selections from many pages...

You will NOT find this in my book. These experiences are truly a gift from my Mom to my brother. She grew up a city girl in Dallas with a sister, and lots of women in her world and all the activities that go along with that life style. My Dad passed away when my brother was 4 1/2, and though she knew little about the great outdoors... outdoors we went. Jason loves everything 'nature' thanks to these experiences.

If you've ever been to Freeport, Texas, you'll have to wonder about this selection, BUT we made some really great memories out on my cousin's grandparent's farm. The first picture doesn't include my Mom, but we are there b/c she took us down that long drive so we could make these moments matter. (Check out my 80's outfit. Jealous?)
30th Birthday

For Jason's 30th, we took him out to Texas Motor Speedway to drive and ride on the Nascar track. I can't explain why this is so great, but it was. Jason's love of Nascar is just proof one of us is adopted. Sometimes, I hope it's me.
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malia said...

Hi Christy... You may want to check out my "The Winner Is..." post from last week

{oc cottage} said...

What a treasure!!! Happy NFF!

m ^..^

Katie said...

This great, I think it's very important to capture other people's memories, espcially those of family members. Otherwise you will never have the whole story. So great that he's willing to humor his sister and complete it for his mom.

Crafty Mommy Diva said...

What a great keepsake for your mom. What a good brother you have to do that too....wish my brothers could help me out every so often. Thanks for linking up to Scrappy Saturdays.