Lesson's From Mom #1: God's Glue

Sunday, May 09, 2010
Happy Mother's Day! I have seen many lovely tributes to mom in the blog world, in print, on TV....etc. I wanted to write something, but I'm having blogger's block. Do I start with my Mom's story? She has an amazing story of faith!
Do I tell you who my Mom IS?
She's pretty much the nicest person on the face of the earth. I assure you there are not words in any webster that could do her justice.
I think I just have to settle with the following short snippet of my Mom. It's is, afterall, where Mother's Day begins, with a baby.
When I was little, instead of saying, 'You're cute.' 'You're pretty.' etc my Mom always said, "I like the way God glued you together."
She often told me the story of my creation.
God has a girl factory. She visited the girl factory and picked out my parts. She would describe them in detail. The brown eyes she selected, the freckle that were painted on just so etc. Sure, there is this whole scientific theory that involves DNA strands, genes, divided cells, and chromosomes that other people hear from their parents, along with a few other facts, but I like my story best.
Now I'm going to ponder why I didn't choose science as my area of expertise in college.....


Unknown said...

I LOVE how your mom described you and how she picked you out. That is just so precious!! Your mom must definitely be awesome!

allthingsnew said...

I LOVE that your Mom told you that she liked the way that God glued you together. Not only does it give Him the glory for how you are wonderfully created, but it helps you have confidence in who you ARE...not the superficial stuff. Do you mind if I tell my daughter this? :)

Charles and Heidi said...

Precious story about your precious momma! Happy Mother's Day to Margie!