Dog Biscuit Jar....and the Homemade Biscuits to Fill It

Sunday, April 25, 2010
The most pointless project of the last few weeks, and that's saying a lot in my world of fluff, and featherbrained crafting. I was painting my canisters for all the flours/sugars living in my pantry....and thinking how great it was to have a way to place the date they expire, without having to keep the bag that housed them....I realized how often these things expire b/c I buy them for one project, and then....forget them.
I had JUST read a recipe for dog biscuits on alittlebitofeverything with wheat flour (currently aging in my kitchen after my soda bread, and a flopped pretzel attempt I didn't blog about). Dog biscuits have been on my list of things to make since Christmas. Why? Because all the other dog owners are doing it. Before the wheat flour expired (like it matters, they are, after all, dogs) I decided it was time to try out the recipe.

Recipe: 1 c. peanut butter, 1 c. slim milk, 2 c. wheat flour, 1 T. baking powder. Roll to 1/4 inch thickness, cut, and bake for 20 minutes at 375 degrees.
I halved the recipe...let's face it, my dogs are NOT that well behaved, and deserving of these additional treats. Plus, they usually help themselves, please refer to every post I ever made about my attempts to cook a dessert, and there is usually a dog involved, and a missing something...or everything.
And, of COURSE, my dogs are way more excited about their treats since I made them a chalkboard puppy canister with spray paint lid and chalkboard paint. Now I can leave them messages.
My dogs read. My dogs are the smartest, cutest, most entertaining dogs on the face of the PLANET. *Your* dog is too ;o). (Notice I did NOT say well behaved when describing mine?) OR I can alternate whose name I put on the front depending on who I like best that day. OR I can leave messages for their puppy sitters along with a little jar of treats to remind said pet sitter of my spoiling expectations when I'm away. Fine, the chalkboard message board was completely unnecessary, as was this whole project, but it didn't cost me anything, and it made me happy.
The biscuits were really easy to make, and half the recipe made 12 when using the Wilton dog biscuit cookie cutter.
3 out of 3 of my judging panel agreed this was a good treat:

This would make a cute Christmas gift if you are one of 'those people' who sends gifts to people's pets. I was planning on waiting until Christmas, but...I didn't. By the way, if you are 'one of those people,' can I just say, 'Word 'up, fellow peeps!'


Unknown said...

I have heard of people making dog biscuits. I might have to give this a try and that way I can make them tiny for my small dogs (I have Yorkies). Oh - and this would definitely make a fantastic gift for those who only have fur babies.

Michelle@ A Full Cottage said...

Christy thank you so much for coming by to visit my blog and for your nice comment.

This is such a cute idea, I may use it for our cat treats:)

:) Michelle

Charles and Heidi said...

Another must try!!