My Dave Ramsey Emergency Fund...In Action

Friday, April 02, 2010
Alternative Titles:
Why Jesus Loves Me, The Friday Edition
Why I'm No Longer Allowed in Central Market
I should start with: I went to England last summer on vacation, and I've been trying to get the Union Jacks to take America back ever since(just temporarily) because I discovered this:

I wait all year for Easter...for many reasons, but Cadberry Eggs are on the list of good things that come in the spring (I have now begun buying and freezing them so I can have them further into the year). I discovered in England, there's spring candy love EVERY day of the year. The bars are even BETTER than a Cadberry Egg b/c a Cadberry Egg has a LITTLE too much chocolate pooled at the bottom of the egg. Growing up I would bite into the chocolate up to the middle, remove the innards, and then hand the bottom chocolate piece to my Mom to finish because I had what I wanted...I'm a real jewel of a daughter, I know. This bar has a thinner, more even layer of chocolate. I love it. No really...we are in love...Twisted+Christy=Tru Luv 4 Eva. On my way home from London, while in the airport, I went and spent every pound I had left on Twisted candies. I've shared my love of this bar with too many people (verbal sharing-I've never shared the candy itself, because down deep I'm selfish, and I'm kinda selfish near the surface too...I'm working on it, but sharing Twisted bars will be the last change as I deprogram my selfishness). Amy (our school librarian) even brought me one back from her Christmas holiday in France. It made my January...and February. I've looked online to see about purchasing them, you have to purchase in bulk, and it's...a...lot. I think it's the taxes they attach. It all comes full circle. I'd go dump the Twisted candy bars into the harbor, but...I'm not crazy. I would have eventually given in to purchasing was that-or book another trip to England. I just thought if England would take America back, the price might be more reasonable, considering all that was learned from that little incident in Boston a hundred years or so ago, maybe we all can just get along? Just temporarily, only long enough for me to purchase enough of these to get me through until the next time I want to be under the Mother Country's wing again. I am not reasonable when it comes to Cadberry Cream Filling.
I went to Central Market today, and was exploring the Easter Candy Bins (forget all those gourmet fruits, breads, homemade goodies, veggies, fresh meats, and organic farm offerings most people go for-I was in the candy bins dreaming of Sunday), and I looked down and at the very bottom of the display was a box of these beauties. My reaction was exactly, "Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh...look, it's a Twisted! I'm so excited! It's a Twisted. I just died. Don't resusitate me. It's a Twisted!" I might have been a LITTLE loud about my finding. I might not care. I now have a little supply of Twisted that didn't require too much money, a trip back to London, or England taking over America, in case I wasn't allowed back after my scene of this crime, I bought two. They were a LITTLE expensive....but this is what the Dave Ramsey Emergency Fund is for, right? Right? RIGHT? I mean. I had enough financially to purchase this, and now I'm at peace, that's his philosophy. I am complete...until the Easter candy section goes away on Monday, and then...I move to England.


Charles and Heidi said...

Never heard of these but now I am intrigued. Not sure if I will make it over there before Easter is officially over.. but I will be on the lookout for them in the future

Christy said...

I'm hoping maybe they will be on sale after Easter?!!? I didn't know about them until I was in London last's one of things I still wish I didn't know!

Lisa Steiner said...

I have not tried these yet....but I too have an obsession with Cadburry eggs!! Did you know there is a website that counts down the days until they start selling them in stores each year?? I will be hitting up Central Market tomorrow! :)