Another (Few) Weeks in the Memory Book of My Mind

Monday, May 24, 2010
I attempted more cake ball microphones (I blogged about these a few weeks ago after getting a new cupcake book) for the school choir's end of year party. It was MUCH easier with the kid cones (though sawing the cones worked OK if there are no options). It also used less supplies (chocolate, sprinkles etc). After a bouquet, and 33 choir microphones I would be fine not spending any time with kid cones, and silver sprinkles for awhile, but I can say attempt #2 was better.
2. OK....I've lived in my 'adulthood' house a long time. I sort of moved in, sorta unpacked 9 years ago, and then...nothing. It is time for me to start doing some decorating, and home improvements.....slooooowly. I'm writing it here to hold myself accountable. My goal is to make very affordable little changes,'s sort of this huge area of my life I ignore-my house. I figure it'll give me something to blog about for...the next nine years or so, and then I'll be ready to do it all over again. Maybe in July I'll find some time. June is already fully loaded with activities and fun that don't include home (or self) improvement projects. First, I should think about cleaning the house I want to decorate.
3. I was looking through my very full, very messy, fire-hazard of a garage the other day, and I looked down close to the door where some stuff had slipped around and saw this tape.

This is the answering machine tape that was hooked up to my personal line when I was a teenager. Geez....I spent the years 10-22 attached to my phone, and all the people on the other end. It doesn't surprise me that I kept it, that's the sort of thing I'd do. It's a good thing I don't have the answering machine anymore, but I have a pretty good idea of what I'd hear if I plugged it in and why I wanted to save it.....typical teenager-I'll save those stories for some anonymous blog I write someday. Now that I'm older...I think it's important that I destroy this. I just wanted to show my friends a missed opportunity for black mail...sorry, find a new avenue. Shouldn't be hard... ;o)
4. I love spring, it's beautiful, but it makes me itch. The world is a beautiful, itchy place.
5. I was watching the chihuahua who has taken over my house, and my heart attempt to eat a black jelly bean the other day (in between snacking on snails he found outside...I dunno) and I was wondering....are there actually any PEOPLE who eat black jelly beans? I think they are dis-gusting and I'm pretty unselective when it comes to candy. Why do they even make that flavor? They are always there in the bag for me to have to pick through and throw away, I pretend it helps counterbalance the calorie count...the sorting. Then my dogs get into the tossed black jelly beans, and carry them around WANTING to like them, but ultimately they are a sticky blob somewhere in my floor b/c not even my dogs like black jelly beans. My dogs eat things like soap, and snails, and if they don't like get my point. If anyone DOES actually like black jelly beans, I'd like to meet them b/c I have 30 years worth of them to send their way. And thus completes another series of 'Deep Thoughts'
6. Hypothetically speaking, has anyone noticed how LONG speeding tickets are these days? I LITERALLY...ummm....saw one recently that measured 3 feet long. I measured it...after using a fork lift to bring that big thing up. Wouldn't a scalet letter on my shirt...I mean....the criminal's shirt be less obvious? What would happen if I...I mean YOU had two traffic violations? They obviously didn't get the save a tree message (sorta like I didn't get the speed limit message). Can you sue the city if the ticket throws your back out? It was slightly remniscent of Santa's Naughty list. In an ironic twist, since I'm not necessarily talking about me-I did find a defensive driving course online that worked out pretty well...if that's possible considering....BUT if you live in Texas and want to take a course to get the insurance discount or I...I mean YOU need this information in the future for....well...nevermind, but the site was
...and they all lived happily ever after.

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