Bippity Boppity Boo-Magic Wand Cookies

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I have no doubt this has been done 8,000,467 Make that 8,000,468 now. My teammate and I decided to do a very small something for all the classroom teachers a few weeks back when our big round of state testing reared it's stressful head. Things were a little tense. Our theme this year at work is to Think Pink. There is an acronym for the word PINK, so we sort of went with that...PINK has consumed our year. We decided we wanted to make cookies (we=my teammate putting up with me, and then me going overboard on whatever she's tolerating). I've mentioned my work sort of has a sugar cookie 'thing.' We like them. I guess my teammate and I must have been in a fairy tale mood, because we decided to make magic wands (you can only get away with stuff like this when working in an elementary school). I don't believe in magic, but I'm a fan of a sparkley wand, a good Cinderella story, and the idea of Prince Charming is fun. :O) So....I pulled out my star cookie cutter and got to work.
I cut the cookies pretty thick so the sticks would slide in (about 1/4 inch?). I slide the sticks in as soon as the cookies exited the oven.

I added a little karo syrup to my icing so it would harden (about a T for every 3 c. of icing). Iced, and sprinkled for a little sparkle.
I then let them dry overnight before bagging and tagging them.

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Krissy said...

my girls would love those!

I'm following from Trendy Treehouse. :) Hopefully you can stop by and check us out as well.