A Disney Apron and a Jon Jon...and a Restraining Order?

Saturday, May 22, 2010
This post is really not about the apron I made Maurine for her birthday...

It is about the fact that I made it in these particular colors to match the Jon-Jon I made for her new baby boy, Donovan...for, you know, her birthday. It gave me an excuse to give him something more if it matched the apron, right? (Maurine is in love with Disney, and Donovan has already made several trips there in...and outside the womb).

..and now I've become 'one of those people' who sort of, kinda, made something about a child, and not my 'original friend,' and I promise I won't do it again...promise, but...I had to. I had a 'vision' for this Jon-Jon, thanks to too much time on Etsy. I already knew I was going to make an apron, because it's 'my thing' this year, so...I took advantage of it...but you see, there wasn't another occasion I could give him this Jon-Jon (which he won't even be able to wear until AT LEAST next year) because I already sent stuff for every holiday known to man, and a few I invented....like-glad you are pregnant, and happy 3.5 months of pregnancy, and a 'fill the box' shower gift...that required upgrading the box twice because it kept getting fuller, and a 'welcome baby' gift, and a christening gift, and a Valentine's gift, and a St. Patrick's gift, and I do believe I even slapped a rattle for my little friend on top of the anniversary gift I also brought down for Mom and Dad's anniversary-whoops. So, I had to give him the Jon-Jon before the restraining order went into effect, and I thought if I slipped it in the same bag as the apron, and if Maurine had already eaten her cake, and maybe was in a sugar comma, she wouldn't notice I sent yet something MORE to her baby. I did it...on her birthday,and since when did her birthday become about her baby? I'm done, promise! I will not do anything like this for at least another year. P.s. Maurine,I like your baby, if I can't be within twenty feet of him per the orders on the court documents, will you still send me pictures?
P.p.s. In my defense, it IS his 4 and a half plus 8 day birthday.
P.p.p.s. Tomorrow I'm going to visit my friend Carla's 'newest' baby Alexis, and her 'oldest' baby John Ross....gifts are packed for both.


Diana Ferguson said...

Great post!!

Katie said...

There is no way you are ever going to be given a restraining order! You keep sending cute stuff like that and you're going to earn a World's Best Friend award☺