Is it Christmas?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010
Look what I won from Yesterday on Tuesday?

...but gets better! Waaaaaaaay better!

I was sooooo excited. I heart this book, from the mama of all bloggers! I puffy heart it!
I actually visited the Yesterday on Tuesday blog (and have continued to do so) because she has a truly precious blog, with fun ideas, and while I was hanging out on the blog, I saw she had this giveaway going on, so I entered.
...and then....I won!
I didn't even realize I won when I saw my name....I blame my Mom for naming me 'Christy'....I'm so used to ignoring it when I see or hear it b/c 99.9 precent of the time it's someone else!
I'm so glad it wasn't this time! Yay!
And can we just pause for a minute and note the details of the packaging?!?! I love that it had a pink ribbon, a sweet little tag, and her business card is too stinkin' cute. I'm a girl that appreciates the details.
I'd tell you visit Yesterday on Tuesday's blog b/c it's precious, but in addition to that, she is always having great giveaways you can enter, just another little blogging perk!!!


Alycia said...

I want that book so bad!!! Shes such an amazing lady!!

Christy said...

I know! I can't believe I'm saying this, but I had never heard of her until a few months ago!!! I don't know what rock I lived under! I really didn't surf anyone's blog but my friends until they stopped blogging, and then the world opened up to me!!! I've since gone and read every post. ;o)

malia said...

Hi Christy! Glad the book made it. Thanks for entering. (-: