A Little Snippet of a Hollywood Birthday Adventure

Tuesday, May 18, 2010
My aunt's birthday was yesterday, the 17th. I will not say her age, but I will say she turned 50 last year.
Anyway....this year, for my Aunt's birthday, we got together and sent her to California for Blythe's first birthday a few weeks ago. Blythe (and her parents) lives in CA near LA/Hollywood. I decided to do a little "Hollywood" themed party in honor of the gift/event. Here are just a few little details from our birthday dinner.
For the place settings I filled little popcorn containers with popcorn, yellow M&Ms, and pretzels-sweet and salty...the perfect combo.

It would have been cute with red M&M's, but yellow is what I had on hand. I made little nametags I poked into each container.
I found this printable for popcorn containers. The gal that runs this site has a vintage version, and a 'regular' version (this one) you can print for free, so neat.
For the silverware, I found these little paper popcorn holders and slipped the napkins and forks down inside.

I found all these popcorn containers at the dollar tree that I used for serving dishes for the side salads, chips, dips, buns etc....The smaller container came in sets of two.
(I love using the plastic popcorn containers to fill with movie gift cards, movie candy, sodas, microwaveable popcorn etc for a 'date night' gifts at engagement parties, birthday parties etc.)

I tried a few things that didn't work, including cookies I shaped like popcorn I was going to put in a popcorn container, and make a bouquet out of these guys.

I put these on a stick, but I undercooked the cookies, so they didn't stay on the stick, and then the icing was a little soft and slithered on down the sides. This was the only one that even kinda made it and that's a really generous description...yuck, so....moving on. I'm posting it here b/c after I baked these cookies, I also saw a few similar popcorn themed gifts for a 'popular' teacher etc....very cute. Someday I may revisit this idea, or not....
I'm writing the post before my Aunt comes over to celebrate....so I think imagination is going to be required for the rest of the Hollywood extravaganza...I bought a few other things like a film strip frame and I have a cupcake tower etc I'm about to go work out the details for....it's been a crazy last few weeks so I haven't been spending as much time with my camera on these 'live' post...but I do have a few food recipes I tried out today I will post in a week or so. I think the general idea is here.
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