What a Day (for a Day Dream)....

Saturday, May 29, 2010

...what a day for a day dreamin' girl....sorry...don't know where that came from....now back to 'my day.'
It was an amazingingly beautiful, perfect day filled with adventures, and the most amazing deals. In fact, I don't know that I've EVER scored so many great buys for such low prices in a single day. This is not good....I want to go do it all over again tomorrow.
I mentioned a few weeks ago after visiting a Lavender Farm near Gainesville, Texas that I'd be heading back for their festival over Memorial Day. They had vendors on site, and the lavender was finally ready for picking.

The farm provided baskets, and scissors, and you were released into the field to go select your stems.

You brought your clippings back to have the ends wrapped in a damp clothe, and bagged. I didn't cut any lavender b/c we weren't heading directly home, and I bought some dried lavender the last time around, but I watched, and I shopped.
The vendors were GREAT....lots of antiques and vintage fun.

I bought several fun things, my favorite was this bird cage for $10.

Next, we headed down the road, and across the border into the great state of Oklahoma. We decided to see what was going on with my very favorite place on planet earth (today), Lake Murray.

This place houses so many of my very best childhood memories. About three years ago we found out the state had sold a portion of the resort to a private company that was planning on taking it all down, and rebuilding a luxury resort, but guess what? The economy stinks everywhere, and the deal fell through. Many of the cabins have sat empty for 3 years, so there are a lot of repairs to be done, but now the state plans on restoring it to 'yesteryears' which happens to be JUST THE WAY I LIKE IT! I'm so excited! I won't go into too many details about my memories at this point, but...life is good. In addition to this good news, I finally got a shot of a butterfly up close.

Why does this matter? I chase butterflies and birds around all the time with my camera, and the only time I can snag a picture is when they are in captivity. I don't even care if this turns out to be a moth, I was just excited it sat still on the flowers by the lake so I could snag a picture. It was a goal of mine, goals are important. I hope it tells it's friends I'm harmless and they should stop fluttering around when I'm trying to take pictures.
After lunch, and a walk around Lake Murray, we headed back up the highway via some back ways through the tiny little town of Marietta, Oklahoma.

I saw an antique shop, and made my cousin pull over. It was just about the only thing IN the town other than the obligatory Sonic and McDonald's. I don't know if I bought a trunk load, or if I stole it b/c the prices were practically garage sale level. I found SOOOOO many great things, and could have spent so much more if I weren't about to leave on a two week vacation, and I was pretending to be responsible with money. I found antique (blue) ball mason jars for 3 bucks each (I usually see them for 10-12) and these plates I've been in love with since Maggie introduced them to me at a Christmas brunch she hosted. I got 2 boxes in mint condition with 8 pieces each for 8 dollars a box. They have this little round groove that holds the cup. I....love....them. These dishes and I are getting married. You're invited.

...and they all lived happily ever after.


Sarah @ Sugar Bananas said...

This sounds like a beautiful start to summer. The lavender field is like a dream! Thanks for posting :)


Sarah @HarriganHowdy said...

Oh, what a beautiful & fun-filled day! I'd not heard of that lake. Gonna go look how far that one is from DFW. Have you been to Lake Cypress Springs? It's so beautiful- - especially if you have a boat.

Anyways, love the lavendar pictures. Thanks for sharing more of your adventures. I always look forward to your posts.

Stacey said...

Fresh lavender! I'm so jealous! What a fun day!

Lori said...

I wonder how long the lavender blooms? I don't have a free weekend until July.