Twilight Shirts-OR-Step 1 of the Addiction Process

Saturday, May 29, 2010 every addiction, the first step is admitting you have a problem.
I'm passionate about step's the other 11 I find boring, tiring, and unappealing.
I'm such an avid step one-r in this case, I'm wearing my first step.

(Please forgive my iphone pics filling the rest of this post, the colors are so much better in person! All the letters are glittered, with rhinestones etc. I brought my camera to work so I could take a picture before passing these out, but I realized I left my memory card at home, and I just couldn't wait to give them to the other gals. Hopefully I'll get some good pictures at the party. I'm so bad at candid party (...and so many other things!).)
I think it's important to wear the right outfit to every party.
Last November when we attended the New Moon premiere there was a girl behind me with a super cute shirt. Since I'm me, I asked her where she got it b/c I puffy drippy rhinestone hearted it a lot. She told me, and I filed the info in the clutter that is my brain. Recently, I approached the idea of getting shirts for our little Twilight party in just a little over a month....and 18 were on board. The rest of the attendees aren't willing to go this far, but there's always the next movie....
But then there was drama. You see 12 of my 'peoples' got my vision....
(Apparently iphones don't like glitter letters, they really do look good, promise!)

I love the rhinestone blood drops!
And then there were these three.....
(Again, the letters are more brown than the weird orange hue this displays!)

OK....I kinda love this a lot, minus Jacob's name....but how cute are those hairy letters? Those rhinestone claws?
I asked the shop owner for a vomit pan as I describe what 'they' wanted.
Who are these people? Did I really invite them? ;o)
Party lines have been drawn, my friends.

And then there are some people I believe might just be attending out of sheer curiousity to see how far we will all go. 6 people weren't willing to go to the dark side, but three gals were willing to make some statements.
I love this one....not exactly a Twilight fan, but willing to be a part of the madness, she'll at least get a good laugh out of the whole ordeal....

The popcorn is gold glittered, actually, all the writing is glittered....not exactly the best picture, which is the theme of this post!!!
And this next friend's shirt probably sums up what you are going to be seeing July 1st if you check back.

But this one is my absolute favorite. (The paw is silver sparkle, and the letters are red and silver sparkle with dripping rhinestones.)

You ain't seen nothing yet.
OK....and as for the shirt, we got them from a company called Texas 2 Stitch in Richardson, Texas off of Coit and Beltline. She does all kinds custom shirts (including the last three for no extra charge, she even gave us a really fabulous discount). She specializes in bling, glitter letters, and being super flexible, super nice, and very cool. Did I mention her name is Christy too? I get nothing for saying this, I get nothing for saying anything I say-except maybe strange looks. I just really liked her. I'm thinking of seeing if they will hire me. I could happily spend my day with rhinestones and glitter letters.


Amy said...

I absolutely ADORE the T-shirts. What a fabulous idea!

tt.scraps said...

Oh, I so NEED a TEAM JACOB one for my daughter and me!! :)