Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Guess What?

I've been gone on vacation for almost two weeks! Aren't I tricky? Usually I'd post about my trip in real time, but I decided to set post to publish as I was away from past crafts/cooking I didn't blog about....but, I'm about to start a frenzy of post that reflect my summer adventures thus far on the road at and around the Great Lakes in this great country of mine. I guess you could say, my blogs going on vacation, and you're invited ;o). My goal is to blog about one of the 8 main areas we visited over 12 days in the next week in gory detail. It will take multiple post a day, but I'm determined to jot it all down for my sake. I'll also be catching up on all the comments and blogs I've been able to upload through iphone (minus one tragedy I shall call-there are no 3G networks in large portions of Missouri, and I want my Mommy). I had a great time, but I'm looking forward to seeing what I missed out on in the 'real world' and the imaginary internet world, and Hollywood needs me to check in on them as well. I'll be returning to crafts and cooking post the first of July, and there is a cupcake idea I need to start baking like 10 minutes ago b/c I'm going to explode if it doesn't make it's way out of my kitchen in the next 3 hours and into my mouth. But, I have to admit first, if you are here, after the trip 'stuff,' you will next be forced to endure a week of Twilight Party details at some point...be afraid...VERY afraid. But then....I have done enough crafts in my first week of summer to not write another post until October (though I'll spread them out and I will write in 'real time' too for my own sanity). I'm sure over the next week as I'm posting about my vacation, I'll be crafting enough projects to get me through December...of 2012 b/c I'm really excited about some ideas I've found on the net, dreamed up, stumbled upon on vacation (I keep a notepad b/c I'm constantly thinking of things I have to do now, and I filled it up this past week, and my hands are itching to get going), or projects I plan to accomplish, while finally getting myself committed because some of them may send me over the edge.
Now that my mind isn't cluttered with 'work stuff' I have time to dedicate to craft stuff in mega force.
I should never be left unsupervised with my thoughts. When left unsupervised I'll rearrange America's health care bill, give my dog a pedicure, and try to negotiate a deal for 3 penguins at the Dallas Zoo, while watching Daytime Court Shows and trying to decide which friend I want to sue so I can get a free trip to California.
...look it's better than my Jerry Springer 'free trip' dream from my college years. I repeat: this is why I should never be left alone. Ever. Now....on to my vacation.