Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Road Trip 2010: Somewhere in the Middle of America

Every year I take a mother/daughter vacation. And because my Mom gave birth to me, she puts up with me and pretty much goes along with whatever scheme I dream up. Once upon a time, we took turns deciding where we would be going, but then I decided I needed to visit all 50 states and her turn never actually came back to being after the year 2002 or so...
The good news is I'm two more trips away from hitting all 50 states (Alaska, and the very tip of of the northeast houses about 5 states I have not seen, but plan to tour in one fell swoop).
Having said that, let me then say-this trip was all about hitting four more states I've never touched before this past week: Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Of course, we had to 'get there' and 'get home,' so there were some other sites and sounds we passed, and spent time at on the way. Before I post my agenda, let me say two things:
The good news is that the economy should be rebounding this summer after I swept through, AND despite my complete lack of control eating fudge, and skittles, ice cream, and everything in between, when I came home.....all my shoes still fit, so yay! I won't need a COMPLETELY new wardrobe, just new shorts, shirts, and skirts.
The bad news is that I'm about to share every cheesy thing tourist do when going to states and searching for stereotypes. Before I do, let me say, if you came to Texas-I'd take you for BBQ food, Mexican food, and we'd definitely go to a rodeo-stereotypes are important to me. Please forgive me if you live/have ever lived/or ever plan to live in any of these states, or you accidentally ran into me. I'm always willing to take real advice, but I was left unsupervised for portions of the trip, and we are all just lucky I didn't superglue myself, reorganize the cleaning products in all the local grocery stores, or curl all the cow's hair in each state or something, that's usually what happens when I'm unsupervised-superglueish type catastrophes, this time I just went and did really fun (and sometimes cheesy) things in each state. Here's my agenda, put your seat belts on, and maybe carry a vomit bag b/c I like to vacation in an obnoxious way. ;o)
Day 1/2
Driving through Texas-Oklahoma-Branson, Missouri.
Day 3
Driving through Missouri-Illinois-Green County, Wisconsin.
Day 4
Driving through Wisconsin-Chicago, Illinois
Day 5/6
Driving from Illinois-Indiana-Mackinaw City, Michigan
Day 7/8
Driving through Michigan-Canada-Michigan-Door County, Wisconsin
Day 9/10
Driving through Wisconsin-Minneapolis, Minnesota
Day 11
Driving Through Minnesota-Iowa-Kansas City, Kansas
Day 12
Driving through Kansas-Oklahoma-Plano, Texas...otherwise known as-home.


Mom2zqb said...

I'm your newest follower. I hope you'll come check out my blog. http://mom2zqb.blogspot.com

Sounds like too fast of a vacation for me!

Brian and Ella said...

hey christy!! just catching up on your blog...i loved reading about and seeing your beautiful pictures of your vacation!!! amazing...i've never been to any of those states either, and you have completely sold me! :)