Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer Road Trip 2010: It's a Wrap

I'm home. After this...

I came home to this...

This was a 'doing' vacation, next on the agenda I should consider a relaxing vacation. Despite the fast pace, and miles traveled, there is no place I wouldn't recommend seeing that I had the opportunity to see.
Here is a complete set of my trip photos, well, those I'm willing to share, and those I weeded through b/c it was 54 shots of the same thing. There are two albums
(no surprise).
Part One:
Part Two:
I'm going to sleep for the next 4 weeks, wake me up August first-ish....I should consider getting rid of these fudge calories before swimsuit season 2011 b/c this year is pretty shot, but that's fine b/c I'm sleeping for the rest of the summer season, and when I wake it should almost be sweater season.


Lori said...

Did the pups go with?

Christy said...

No, they just crawled in it once it was empty! I only wish! Leaving my dogs is the only thing I don't like about travel!