Thursday, July 01, 2010

Eclipse Watching Party

Last night a group of friends came over in anticipation of the midnight opening of Twilight's newest movie-Eclipse, and Laine's birthday (it could NOT have been a more perfect day for that). I've weeded through my pictures this morning, and I've decided there is NO WAY I can tell you (and when I say "you"...I mean-my Mom) all about it in one post (without being locked away), so....I'm starting with a BROAD overview of the details. Next Monday-Friday (after a few 4th of July things), it's what every blog post will be about. Because you care, because you care DEEPLY, let me give you the rundown, and then....I'll get to the details.
Today-You get a general overview of the set up at my house because I just don't want to wait.
Monday-You get a play by play of the four cupcakes that represent the four books, and a "how to" for each one, because you're going to want to make 36 cupcakes, and a cake, I just know it.
Tuesday-Food details-dish by dish A few recipes. Each one represents a scene from the series, it was important b/c it is, trust me.
Wednesday-A signature party drink....that sparkles.
Thursday-A close up of the candy bar.
Friday-My personal experience with 'real people' pictures from the party, I have a few funny ones, and pictures of some really wet people after a run through the rain to see the movie....I'll have no friends once I post those pictures, but it'll be worth it.
Here's my party overview....
Twilight Invitations
I blogged about these in detail here.

A Few Decoration Details
Welcome Door Sign
The wood was from my neighbor's fence (AFTER they took it down, ha ha), the letters are from Hobby Lobby, and the map of Olympic National Forest (hunting grounds) compliments of Heather's summer trip last year. Cobwebs, leaves, and dirt....just a little extra I threw in b/c I'm that kinda gal. A few lights on the trees as well, and a red carpet, because we are strange.

3-D/Life Size Edward

This was a gift for Laine (from Taylor, Heather, and I-Balloons from Stacey...I mean, Edward) for her birthday. Alternate title to this post can also be-Why Laine's husband will never let her come over and play at my house again....ever. Taylor also made a cute sign, more on that in the personal post.
Hearts from the Chandelier
14 imaginary points to the first person who can tell me why a 'heart' would be appropriate for this particular movie?!

One of three great posters hung around the place (a buck at Blockbusters, thanks Heather. I have another from the Thrift store I grabbed for 99 cents). AND two vases with sparkly crystal thingies and red ribbon-both symbolic of Twilight 'stuff.'

Da books, in case anyone wanted to catch up on their reading, and a chess board, stolen from Heather's children...
The rest of the decorations are on the food tables...lots of bling, and sparkle, and a little more sparkle, and we threw on a little sparkle.
Party Outfits
We ordered shirts. You can read about that here.
Here's the wolf pack, minus one of their members who was sick, I would have been sick too if I had to wear that shirt.

Here are more shirt people that speak my heart's language. (With 3 Team Edward, and 1Team Jacob Missing when we took this picture, most joined us later....and can you believe there were also, like, 7 people who didn't think they needed a shirt?!?!)

The "Bite-Size" Food

I'll be posting each dish, picture by picture, next week. (I bet you just added that important date to your calender). But here is a brief summary of some of the dishes: Staked Steak, Florida Weekend Fruit Fantasy, Lab Tested Tomato Soup Shot, Garlic Gobbles, Wolves in a Sleeping Bag (From Heather's Sister, Hilarious), Jasper's Southern Egg Sampler (from Taylor), Vegetarian Bites (from Heather), "Forked" Salad Samplers, Volterra Italy's Ravioli Renderings, Phoenix, AZ Dance Studio Salsa (representing Arizona-Bella's Home), and we also had a dessert offering that made my sides ache after I ate too much, provided mostly by guest (more on that next week too), but here is our cupcake tower....
Twilight Cupcakes
A Chess Board Birthday Cake, Wolf Cupcakes (from Hello, Cupcake), Apple Cupcakes (from Hello, Cupcake), Vampire Cupcakes (from Tara's Twilight Blog).

Dessert Plate (Heather also provided black/red dinnerware, and silverware, with a sparkly bow wrap...I missed that Lines were drawn again....

A Signature Party Drink....that Sparkled

Champagne, Pomegranate, and Sugar Swizzles...more on that later too.
Thanks for letting us borrow the glasses, Lori!
Candy Bar
A Treat for the Road...or rather, the movie. :O)

Emmett's Bears, Edward's Hot Kisses, Alice's Pixie Sticks, Vulturi's Dinner Delights, Jacob's Hot Kisses (BOOOOO), Bella's Twisted Heart (BOOOOO BOOOOO BOOOO!), Quileute Puppy Chow-I gathered a few of these ideas off of the net-I'll add those sources next week as well after I take some time to weed through the pictures.
Don't worry, I'm not finished by a long shot! I just have to A) Go clean my house or B) Go see if there are tickets for tonight's showing of Eclipse b/c I didn't get enough....not necessarily in that order!!!
P.s. If you want to see the other Twilight post that break this down, you can click on the Twilight label below.
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Anonymous said...

That looks like a fantastic party! Looks like so much fun! Love the cake and cupcakes. Can't wait to see more!

trippingtiffies said...

I literally squealed when I read this post. I will have eyes glued to the screen for all your upcoming posts! *eek* can't wait!

Lori said...

Your welcome, Melissa said it was fun! What great ideas. Can't wait to see the close ups. This party should be good for at least 20 posts.

Erin said...

Oh my hell!!!! I LOVE it!!! When I show my friends this post they are going to flip. because we too are vampire FREAKS!!! Seriously - it's ... welll, I'm not sure. But I'm pretty sure it's diagnosable!

Those poor Jacob fans in the middle of all the Edward fans. I have to say Edward is delicious but Jacob without a shirt?! I mean, come on. Even a serious Edward fan has to appreciate that sight!

=o) Can't wait to see the next posts!

Kristin said...

That looks like so much fun. Everything looked great. I am sure your friends loved it!

jennykate77 said...

Way way cute!! I love the sparkle, sparkle, and more sparkle. I'm a sparkle kind of girl. I also favor the cold one. :) Great party!! I came over for a visit from Tara's party blog. I had a party too! I posted about it today on my blog!

Can't wait to hear about the rest!

Anonymous said...

Here's my shot at those imaginary points: The hearts are for the heart charm Edward gave Bella for her bracelet. =)

SandyE said...

Looks like a FUN party!! We had a sleepover for my daughter (who's 14) and 4 of her friends. We did a theme party for the girls and screened the first two movies. They had a BLAST!! (By the way, in that crew we had 2 team Edward, 2 team Jacob and 1 Switzerland - because she just can't decide!)

happybecca said...

That is beyond awesome. Dang it! My friends suck. I need to find some Twilight loving girlfriends so I can have an Edward loving party (I'm not sure Team Jacob would be invited). I only have two movies left!!! :)

Beansieleigh said...

Looks like fun!! I'm still reading the 4th book, Breaking Dawn, but I LOVE these stories! We're hoping to see the movie today! Can't wait!.. Happy 4th of July Weekend! ~tina

Shane and Laine said...

I had so much stinkin' fun Christy!! Thanks again for putting everything together. I sat Edward up in the kitchen and put a not for Shane about fixing coffee. He hit the three point stance when he rounded the corner to the kitchen and I pretty sure was on his way to tackle him! TOO FUNNY!

MONICA said...

it's fantastic,congratulations!!!!!!

Staci J said...

Every detail you put into the party is just amazing, great job!! I love it!!

Jill said...

Wow. You went all out! I love the life size cut out!

Bird said...


This is super on trend!! Did you see HTWM has just done a twilight party spread!! :)

I LOVE the "bite" sized food and candy tables!!

Thanks for linking up!!


azjenn said...

I don't know you, but can you be my best friend? This was an AMAZING display of your creativity! What a spread and your attention to the details is amazing! I hope to keep your blog bookmarked to see what your ideas are for the Breaking Dawn movie(s). Thanks for making my day! You are an amazing woman!
But, can you help me out with the whole hearts hanging from the lights? I am not sure of what the details of that are right now. But I will be thinking about it for sure! Thank you thank you thank you!

Leslie said...

Ok girl! I want to be your friend! I would have loved to go to a party like this! I love the twilight saga! It all turned out so perfect! Thanks for linking up to Hoo's got talent!

Bird said...

Hey Sweetie!!

Featured your Party at Bird Crafts!! :)

Thanks again for linking up!