Thursday, July 29, 2010

Adding "You Might Also Like" Feature to a Blog

I try to keep up with blogs, and I'm always adding new blogs that I find and love to the list I follow.  When I start following someone, I usually start exploring their blog, but depending on how long they've blogged, sometimes it's impossible find all their fun post.  I've seen this great little feature at the bottom of several of people's blog post, and I love them b/c they hint at past post I may have missed for one reason or another.  I finally googled how to do this, and it was much easier than I thought when I put it off over...and over again. 
If *you* (as usual *you*=me in the future) want to add these fun little teasers to past post on your blog, go to and follow the instructions.  There are about two that involve hitting something like 'allow' and 'save.'  Now, I'm going to solve another one of the 'world's problems.'  And when I say 'the world's problems'....I mean the dust currently residing in my living room.