Back to School: A 'Real Life' 'Real Time' Story

Saturday, August 21, 2010
Pretend to be impressed.  I wasn't planning on posting anything in 'real time' this week, but I can't hold this story in....and it's a good place for me to end after a week or 'school related post.'
Somedays are just great. 
Monday we went back to work 'offically.'  Boooooo Hissssss ::Insert Spitting.:: 
I mean, I do love my job, but I love my summers a liiiiiittle bit more, and I just wasn't ready.
I've been in meetings for weeks, but it was 'official' Monday...full time official, no random days without meetings. 
Before I go on, I work for a large district, more than 40 elementary schools fully loaded down with teachers and students.  BUT with the economy, we didn't have a lot of turn over this year. 
So....after breakfast, we all sat down and we began introducing ourselves.  There aren't many new teachers, and all have experience.  Up stands new teacher #3 of 4, and I turn to Heather (my teaching partner) to tell her I think I know #3, but before I get a chance....New Teacher #3 says, "My name is ____ Fisher...." I DO KNOW HER!  She continues to share that she has been at home for 17 years raising her kids, but previously taught at Greenwood Hills, and she taught 5th and 6th grade.  I can't stop, "You were my 6th grade teacher!" I interrupted.  What's even better about this, I LOOOOVED 6th grade because I had Mrs. Fisher as a teacher (R/LA).  It's why I wanted to teach 6th grade when I started the job hunt almost 10 years ago-I heart 6th grade and everything about it.  The hunt was successful, and it's what I taught for 6 years (R/LA/ be exact) before moving into the reading specialist position I currently hold.  I never told her b/c she wasn't teaching by the time I figured out I wanted to teach.  I can't say I got all of that out this week, but life is so interesting.   And so, it came full circle! AND there is another lucky bunch of students who will get to claim her as their own.  She's not teaching 6th this go round, but she's teaching, and the world is a better place because of that fact. 


Anji* said...

What a lovely story Christy! The right teacher really can inspire.. My little sister has just decided to train as a teacher!

Peggy said...

Aww, what a neat story!! I had an amazing 6th grade teacher too, whom I just adored. I actually kept in touch with her after I moved on, and she even came to my wedding.
Hooray for you for being a teacher; I think it's such a selfless profession and I applaud you! :o)

DanaElayne said...

Oh, that's so neat!

I work with my 4th grade English teacher. She is teachig home ec now (weird, I know). I can't for the life of me call her Karen though...I mean she TAUGHT me!

S and family said...

I taught in a school under a principal who was my husband's first grade teacher; she dragged him out of the classroom by his ear one day, but he had a huge crush on her. You *know* I had to share all of that on the day we did our back-to-school introductions. LOL!

Ella said...

i loved her, too!! she was actually Mrs. Phillips my 5th grade year, got married over the summer, and came back my 6th grade year as Mrs. Fisher. She made language arts/english enjoyable for me as well. i heart 6th grade, too! :)