Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Easy...Peazy...Dollar Treezy Clipboard Frame

I went on a crafting retreat last week, which I posted projects from on Tuesday and Wednesday, but this is one little "I'm tired of scrapbooking this album' project I threw together.
This little clipboard (it's about half the size of a 'traditional' clipboard) has been sitting in my house for a few weeks. I grabbed it at the Dollar Tree while I was picking up something else....which is where many of my craft thoughts fester from...something I see while I'm getting something else I need for a craft I probably decided to try the last time I was at the store . It's a vicious cycle, but at least this particular craft is cheap....unless I give this to *you*, and if I give this to *you*, than this particular craft is PRICELESS, remember that!!!
I didn't photograph it well, but it's not going to change anyone's life, though it could change someone's week if you need a fast gift for a group, this is an easy one.
Here is the dollar clipboard before decorating...

I used scrapbook scraps (which you can see in my album), left over ribbon, and a glue stick to pop it all down. The back of the clipboard is a coordinating blue paper, and I put a thin black ribbon along the edges. I stuck the ribbon down with double sided tape. Sometimes I used super glue for ribbon on projects like this, but....I ran out. I used a Creative Memories circle punch for the letter backing, and sticker letters, but I could have just slapped the letters directly on the paper....or left off the words completely. I also added a flower to the clip with a glue dot (again, super glue would work)....because I'm obsessed with flowers...it was that or a ribbon. There is a hole in the back of the clip you can hang the clipboard from, or it can be set on an easle....or in the far corner of a drawer, or a dumpster....I'm just being real, it could happen. Now I just need to pick a friend, then pick a picture to clip on so I can get this out of my life....I mean....enrich someone else's life. ;o)
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Lori said...

The original wasn't bad, but of course you made it even better. 300 followers you go girl.

Jami said...

Thanks for stopping by my little party! We're neighbors!! I'm in Frisco! I've loved looking through your blog this morning...especially heart the puppy pops...they're on my list now! I'm your newest follower new friend!

Anonymous said...

I can not participate now in discussion - there is no free time. But I will return - I will necessarily write that I think on this question.

Jami said...

cute! I love altered clipboards. I hope my friends do too...or I'm wasting my time. ;)

Anonymous said...

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Katie's Nesting Spot said...

You are too funny, all your creations are super cute. I like the combinations of colors and the flower on the clip.

Scrappy Gifts said...

Adorable and affordable clipboard. Thanks for linking up to Scrappy Saturdays! Featuring this tomorrow!