UnFramed Melody

Friday, August 06, 2010

I've seen this around the net on some of the amazing blogs with renovation and junk to jewels. There is not one specific post that got me started on this particular project (I love them all).  Running across it time and time again got me motivated, so I'll just say-it's definitely not my idea, but I love it. I also went through my guest bathroom at the beginning of June and changed up a few things b/c I have been bored with my house after 9 years of living here, and letting it settle. This is the third out of four things I added to this bathroom.
I went to a Goodwill store in town, hoping they'd have some small cheap frames, with fun 'moldings'.....I could care less about the glass since I was planning on tossing it anyway. I got all three of these for 4 dollars.

Let me just say, I think I'm the only person that can spend too much at the Goodwill store...I'm going to need to apply for Goodwill benefits if I visit it with any more frequency! I just fall in love when it comes to stuff like this, and I wish I could etch a sketch it from the portion of my brain labeled 'crafts.'
I sprayed these with some white spray paint, added some ribbons via my trusty staple gun, and then hung them up. Somewhere are some cute hooks that match my bathroom, but who knows where that is in this house, so....until then...my trusty thumb tacks will do.


kisatrtle said...

I love goodwill

DogsMom said...

I used to hate the GW near us, but they do have perks. I get a birthday card for 25% off, and some times special holiday discounts. They have grown on me.

And I am sure you did not "throw out" the glass. you are really saving it for other projects, right?

Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

Thanks for linking up at Fabulous Fridays --- happy to have you! Come back each week --- I hope everyone can meet lotsa new friends :)

Samina said...

Oh no, you can never spend too much time at the good will, I wish they had one here lol (that was my fave pastime back home)
Thanks for stopping by slipstitches and follow the blog, I'm now following you.

malia said...

beautiful work! i love what you did with those frames!

Unknown said...

The ribbon hangers are so cute and I love how the white ties them all together. So much better "after"! I hear you on the spending at Goodwill. I had to promise Brad I wouldn't go in one again until I had completed more "afters".