Halloween Eyeball Appetizers

Friday, October 01, 2010

I have tons (more) Halloween post I'll post over the next few weeks, but here's a simple one.
This recipe couldn't be any easier, and it's fun....and....easy isn't a bad thing when throwing together appetizers for a party, right?
I saw something like this in a seasonal book at a bookstore that I didn't purchase, so I can't exactly site my source , but I can direct you to the shelf I saw it on at 1/2 books in Plano, Texas if you are really determined (I jotted down a couple of ideas from that, so...you'll here this again). I can also report....instead of cheese, they used spaghetti squash under the olives, but as soon as you start trying to cook spaghetti squash, you turn this from easy to....too difficult for me, so I went with cheese.
All I did was cut the innards out of cherry tomatoes...and leave some tomato gook on the table...on purpose, of course, because I wanted it too look grosser. In fact, from now on, if you see gunk on my counter, it's on purpose, OK?

I also didn't feel like making a platter of these before photographing, so I tested five. I threw some white cheese in each tomato, and then squished in the olive inside to complete the eyeballs. My intention is to serve these on a round platter with a small dish of Balsamic Vinegar Dressing, sort of like my "Forks" appetizer from my Twilight party this last summer, which I blogged about here. There are so many variations to this, but I'll leave the imagination up to others today. There is only so much eyeball eating I can discuss in a blog post, and I just reached that balance!


Unknown said...

those are too cute! haha.

CraftyHobbit said...

Really cute idea! I bet herbed cream cheese would also work well inside the tomato.

apple blossom said...


I have an award for you on my blog.

thanks for blogging