Saturday, October 02, 2010

Sliders...or Mini Burgers

The best thing I can say about this recipe is I don't like burgers, AT ALL, but I actually like these.  It's weird, but a true story.  I still have a low tolerance for meat, especially red meat, and I really like the way these taste.  Fine,  I still take my meat in really small doses, but everyone that has eaten these also loved them too, so....this is a keeper in my book, and perfect for an appetizer tray in the midst of the football fun that is fall in the US.  This is a combination of Paula Dean and The Pioneer Woman's slider recipe, though they added other 'stuff' to their burgers, and used different rolls, this is the way I like it...
Sliders Recipe: 
Ingredients:  Butter, Onion, King's Hawaiian Rolls (I love these because they are sweet, and are a nice balance to the saltier burger), Cheese Slices (I like cheddar),  Toppings, and Meat Mix=1 lb of hamburger meat, 2 dashes of worchesteshire sauce, 2 T heavy cream, salt and pepper.  Mix, and form into small rounds (about 1/4 c of meat).  Make an indention in the middle so that it cooks evenly. 
1.  Add about 1 T of butter to a pan, and saute onions until soft. 
2.  Remove onions and add a little more butter, and then cook the meat (start with the indented side up (like a bowl).  Cook for about 3 minutes on high, and then flip for about 3 more minutes.  Add 1/4 of a slice of cheese to the top of the burger, cover until melted and then remove. 
3.  Add about 1-2 T of butter to the same pan and place rolls (cut into two like a but) inside down to get buttery and crispie.  Make your burger with your favorite toppings, and enjoy. 
1 lb makes about ten burgers.
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Erin said...

I never thought to use Kings Hawaiian rolls for buns. Holy smokes! They are so delicious!!! I can't wait to try this!

Anonymous said...

I had never heard of sliders till about a year ago! One of our friends from Chicago kept talking about them and I have yet to try one but, oh , my , yours looks yummy!

Tree said...

Oh wow!! I love sliders..and these look FANTASTIC! ;) Thanks for linking up for Tasty Tuesday with me again.