Thursday, October 07, 2010

Halloween-Ghost: Spooky Fruit

This year I added pears to my collection of ghostly fruit.  I found the idea and instructions here.  I did make one adaptation.  I left the top of the pear showing, I kinda like the idea of knowing' it's a pear. Maybe I watched too much Ghost Busters as a child and the green slime is stuck in my head.  
I've done this with strawberries, and here is last year's banana ghost post
My favorite is the strawberry.  I could make a whole fruit bouquet of ghostly fruit. But I won't, because I'm still feeling lazy....and cheap, not because a ghostly bouquet would be a little creapy. I ain't afraid of no ghost.
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Jan said...

The ghost pear is sooo cute!!

I don't know what happened to Tara's blog. I tried going to it a couple of weeks ago and noticed it was gone. I tried searching for it, thinking maybe she had changed her web address, but never found anything. SUPER SAD :( I loved her blog! Send me pics of your party and I will feature them! Maybe Twilight Thursday will pick up enough to be the new Twilight party blog :)

Moo Moo's & Tutus Party Designs said...

Hi Christy!
Just wanted to let you know YOU WON my giveaway for my 3x3 "All Hallow's Eve" card set. Please send me your address to and I'll get those to you!

:) Daphne

Anji* said...

It is certainly appropriate to make slimer-esque ghosts from anything food related! Love it :)