Saturday, October 30, 2010

Her Modeling Days Are Over

I started to post this little episode when it happened, but nothing is ever funny when it comes with a vet bill. With some distance, and a costume holiday looming....I found this picture, and I think it's time to share Lilly's early Halloween costume. This year, she will be a unicorn.

She was supposed to be a dog-under-bandage-for-a-split-ear-that-I-have-no-idea-how-she-cut, but certainly REMEMBER she cut b/c I'm still cleaning up the blood.
The bandage didn't even stay on past the point of walking out of the vet's office. (The vet was out and this was a substitute that maybe needs a little more work on bandaging).
When I took her in, the option for a split ear is surgery....but the only purpose is cosmetic, and I told Lilly she is just going to have to get over her dream of modeling b/c I don't think anyone is going to book a dog with a permanently, split ear.
After a bill that made me want to cry....I needed to turn this into a positive. My dogs never get outfits....and they certainly don't get Halloween costumes, but this year....Lilly got one. I would take a gander and say I bet my dog's 'costume' cost more than any of my friend's kiddo's costumes this year.  I would have said she went as a mummy, but there is that weird point that is supposed to be housing her ear, the one sticking out the side with it's little slit and dried blood, that one. Lilly wanted me to say, 'Trick or Treat.' Knowing her, don't choose 'Trick.'


Lynda said...

Great story! My mom and I had a good laugh. Sorry about the vet bill, but it makes for great blogging. Have a wonderful weekend, and I hope Lilly gets lots of treats.

DanaElayne said...

Awww, poor Lilly! I hope she heals very well.

Carol said...

Poor Lily! Those ear splits can be tricky. If she could just not shake her head for a couple of weeks, it would help a whole lot!