Friday, October 29, 2010

Apple Cider Apple Cups

I saw a picture of these cute little apple cider apple cups here.  Hello, how precious are apple cups?  The process was simple, and a tray of these would be so stinking cute at a party.  I'm going to have a party just so I can serve apple cider in an apple.  I'm also thinking about starting a blog completely dedicated to apples, and a side of cinnamon b/c I find myself seeking these ingredients far too often, and if I didn't insist on adding butter and sugar everytime I chopped up an apple, it might not be such a bad thing.  Anyway, just to amuse myself, here's the quick and easy dish on creating apple cups. 
I chopped off the top (in retrospect, it would have been cute to pop the top back on as well.  I'll remember that for my imaginary party.  I also anticipate it might be necessary to chop a small bit off the bottom of the apple for a flat seat, though this guy sat pretty firmly on the counter. I melon balled out the apple, and reserved  the pieces in the freezer for a pie sometime.   (Don't dig too deep with the melon baller, or the cup will spring a leak.   I ran the apple through a sprite bath (lemon would also work).  Inserted my cider, added a cinnamon stick, and called myself content. 


Tyra said...

I wanted to contact you about being a Creative Guest Chef over at Ucreate Foods. Could you email me at so I can get you the details?