Christmas: Gingerbread: Gingerbread Garland

Wednesday, November 17, 2010
I like to string men along.  Sorry....that was stewing inside me as I started this post,'s best just to get it out of the way.  Let me start with the most important thing I can say about this craft-there are no calories....consumed.  Unless you get desperate, and I'm not saying it couldn't or won't happen.  But I promise if I eat them, I'll look up the points for Elmer's Glue, and write it down in my day's
calorie allotment.  The other thing I have to say about this craft....they...smell...amazing!  I put little holes in the gingerbread's hands for the string, but next time I'll leave them whole, and make a little bowl of these guys and leave it on a table as potpourri. 
I found the recipe in a book I checked out from the library.  It was old.  I didn't write down the name, but it was by Pillsbury, so.....  It's a good thing I'm not writing a report for school, or I'd get an automatic F for leaving out a work cited page.  How about this, my source is at  one of the 6 or so City Libraries, look in the cookbook section, k? 
If you don't happen to run across 'that book,' I did write down the recipe. 
You use a ton of cinnamon, so I just snagged these at the dollar store.
Here are the portions: 
Mix:  1 c. cinnamon, 1 T. cloves, 1 T. nutmeg, 3/4 c. applesauce, 2 T white glue.  This makes about 10 (thin-ner) gingerbread men, so if you want them fatter, up your ingredients. 
The dough looks a little chili-esque when it's mixed. 
It called for flour to roll this out, but really, I wouldn't use it next time b/c I couldn't brush it off the cookies when they dried, and I really think you can just press the cookie down with your hand, or a flat glass on a piece of wax paper.
See, too much flour on my number 1 guy.  I took a straw and punched out holes for my string-to-come.
Stick these on a flat surface and let them dry for 24 hours, and then flip them.  Let them dry another 24 hours.  Flip them.  Let them dry another 24 hours...until they are dry. 
I then used puff paint to draw on designs (I saw this face design on some site online like Good House Keeping).  This post brought to your by the MLA Handbook Recover Group.
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Brittanie Gordon said...

whoa.. that IS a whole lotta Cinnamon, but they are adorable!

Anji* said...

mmm edible garland...!

I'm sorry, but this would not last long in our house without being eaten!

Leanne said...

Add ginger to the spices for a more gingerbread scent. Use cinnamon - or the spice mix- to roll your dough, you won't have the white flour fluff on them then. I keep a shaker of the spice mix handy. The spices are great in a potpourri crock (mini crock pot) or in a pan of water on the stove too, and best use yet, to spice up oatmeal!

Katherine said...

So funny (about stringing men along)! Wanted to tell you congrats- I am giving you the Stylish Blogger Award! Pls see this post:

Anonymous said...

I've made these in the past. Although they take forever to dry, they are adorable worked up. I only did ornements, but I really like how you made yours like a garland.