Sunday, November 21, 2010

Misc Stuff, and and Important Message from my Dogs....

     Today was a good day. 
     I'm filthy from dust and dirt b/c I'm throwing my house around trying to hide stuff before my Soul Sister, Regan, flies in for Thanksgiving holiday on Tuesday.  Her husband is overseas right now (coming home soon...yay), making it possible for us to safely sit in my house and craft, site see, eat, cook, laugh, and never act above the age of about 11 and a half in the 5 days she's here.  I'm excited to get custody this holiday!
      In the midst of my pretending to keep a somewhat clean house,  I took a break for church, and then ate lunch with some lifelong friends of mine, and at the end, I felt 'healed' from anything and everything real and imaginary, dwelled on, or squished out of concious thought.
     The last two weeks I've been a little discombobulated.  Amid two weeks of headaches, real and 'situationally' created, sleepiness (not a state I'm used to), a side of coughing, and  lots of repairmen in and out, out and in.  I can't say that I started with a very organized house to begin with, and when moving disorganized projects around, it's hard to find a place to put them, and it's certainly not easy for find a place to put them back.  And when I say there have been guys working here, I mean, sometimes two times a day..most days, two a day.  My Mom has been a big help on this, but since it is my house, it's ultimately my cleaning, and :gulp: bill.  More on that later.  
    I have a lot of work ahead of me b/c I'm determined to A)  Get organized and B) Get off the waiting list for Hoarders.  Insert a need to get rid of some stuff.  I had my first 'giveaway' last week....drawing was tonight, it was a very serious process.  This is a gift I made for Blythe about 15 Blythe gifts ago, and I just don't have the space to store it, or unrealistic expectations that it's all I'll make between now and next year.  I will, however, be blogging a week of gifts next week that I'm giving this year (some of the ones I can share at this point, most will have to wait.   Next week I'm also taking some of my extra cra(p)fts to work to get rid of them, and when I say 'get rid of' I mean, I'm slapping 50 cents to a few bucks dollar on most of this stuff.  What doesn't go, will show up here and be shipped to a house near you real soon.  I like the process of creating it, but needs a new home.  Here's the first item that's finding a new home:

Umm, and if you've made it this far, and you commented, it was just what the doctor ordered.  Most of the comments made me laugh, all gave me warm fuzzies,and it gave me an opportunity to stalk you ;o).  I decided less than a year ago to just have a public blog and find imaginary friends on the internet because most of my 'real' life friends weren't really interested in my need to just share, get feedback on,'If a tree falls in a forest...' and unicorn stories via blogland. 
...because I take life really seriously, I took this drawing seriously.  I got out my Wilton food writing markers and wrote numbers on stale bread.  I lined them along a counter straight off of where Max was sleeping (these counters were brought by some workmen over the last few weeks, along with other stuff that was brought/carted away...another blog...another day...).

 I called Max over, and the first number he ate was the first digit in the number. 
Notice number 1 is missing?  He pushed 0 back with his nose in his attempt to grab it (so close), ate 1, and quickly gobbled up 2. 
Next, for the second digit, I called all three over. 
I explained the importance of the decision they were about to make.  I had 0-9 written on bread.  I tossed them up in the air, and they ate....ate....and when there was one piece left, I grabbed it. 
#13, Holly.  :O) 
No hanging chads in these election result....
P.s.  No dogs were harmed in the drawing of these numbers.
P.p.s.  Don't forget I also do birthdays and bar-mitz-vahs....actually, it cost you more to pay me to stay away than it does to come entertain, but who wants to quibble over details? 


Holly said...

Is this me? Wow! I've never won anything on a blog give away before! Hooray!!