Stocking Stuffer-Personalized (Recycled) Notepads

Wednesday, November 10, 2010
I saw this idea on Making Memories With Your Kids (So cute!  I love school supplies, and this was right up my alley!)  She used fun cereal boxes to make notebooks for her kids this school year.  I would happily go and buy lots of cereals with lots of glitter on the boxes, but then I might feel compelled to get up a little earlier and actually eat breakfast, and that would completely interfere with me sleeping until the last possible slap of the alarm, and then breaking speed laws on the way to work.  The city really depends on me breaking those laws so they can continue city improvements.
So....I decided to make baby notebooks using drink cartons for adults at work. 
 I was going to make Diet Coke cartons b/c I'm President of the Diet Coke fan club, but Dr. Pepper was the sale the week I made this, so I snagged a carton of this instead, and made this for our VP who is as dedicated to Diet DP as I am to Diet Coke.  Stay tuned for that throw down. 
The process to putting these together is super easy.  It takes about 5 minutes if you get distracted by dust bunnies, puppies, and new shows on the Discovery Channel. 
"Unfold" the wire edge on the spiral (use a wire thingie, or live life on the edge and use the edge of your scissors like I did.)  Unwind.  Trace your cover on your carton, including the holes.  (Think of what fun you could have with some other drink options, or grocery store boxes?!?!?!  Maybe even some more masculine beverages for guy stockings...My brother carries this around when he's woodworking to take measurements.)
Cut out your traced template, and then used a small hole punch to create the 'holes' for the wire.  Then re thread. Thanks again, Erin for sharing your supercute idea!  I heart it...a lot...and I'm not done yet!


Lynda said...

Very cool idea! I heart this too. Great photos and very understandable instructions. Can hardly wait to see what else you're up to.

Erin said...

You rock! Thanks for linking back to me =o)

Anji* said...

This is a fun idea, definitely one to try!