Child's Drawing=Christmas Ornament Keepsake

Tuesday, December 07, 2010
The idea of embroidering a child's drawing is something I've seen many times on the net.  A lot of times parents have made these into little dolls for their kids, so cute.    I just love this idea.  I think the first time I saw it was on a site called Chasing Cheerios, and she listed a site she found it on  etc, etc, etc.  I have been dying to try it out, with one teeny tiny problem....I have no children.  What I do have are tons of friends with kiddos.  So, I did what I do best....I borrowed a kiddo. 
This one: 
He loves it when I experiment on him, can't you tell?  He belongs to my friend Heather at work, and he provides me with a lot of laughs with a personality too big for that little body.  Last spring, Heather showed me this picture he drew, and his teacher shared (and labeled) during his spring conference. 
The hair, fingers, and tummy are my favorite, though I do like the way the eyeballs sort of float in space as well.  He's 3, and I think he can out draw me any day of the week.  I took the picture, and I shrunk it down by 50 percent so it would fit nicely on an ornament. 
I then used my inadequate, and mostly invented sewing skills to....attempt to follow his lines....using these supplies: 
An extra scrap of cloth, scissors, embroidery thread, and a pencil I used to trace the picture from behind.  I continued with my mediocre sewing skills and made a little homemade ornament in blacks, and reds.  Heather can appreciate blacks and reds.  I wrote the picture information, year, and Gus' name on the back.   I'll be revisiting this someday soon with other toddlers in my life for the parents that claim them. 
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Lynda said...

How fun, and what a cutie. I will have to try this with my son. Sewing is not one of my great talents either, but for such a nice keepsake I will give it a try.