Date in a Box

Friday, December 24, 2010
One last gift before Christmas.  My friend, Kelly, called me up last week in desperate need of some ideas for the guy in her life. 
He doesn't live in town right now. 
He's a romantic. 
She's new at being with a romantic.  I'm glad she found a romantic, but....I want to throw up a little bit just hearing about it, but I helped her anyway.  ;o) 
After much brainstorming, and working until 3 am, we put together a Christmas Date-In-A-Box (long distance).  It's a little late for anyone else, but I guess there is always Valentine's Day. 
She included two cards, one with instructions on how the date went, and the second was attached to a cute frame she made for future Christmas dates they'll have together. 
Date One Included: 
  • A CD she made of her favorite Christmas songs. 
  • She left instructions to plug this in so 'now they'd decorated for Christmas.'  The cord was dangling out of the lid. We screwed down after filling the jar with lights and bulbs.
  • A warm blanket to snuggle down in and enjoy the date. 
  • Hot cocoa with all the fixings, including the mug. 
  • A matching plate, and some 'dinner' a la Hickery Farms (safe or shipping). 
  • And red velvet cake (his favorite) in a jar for dessert. We layered the cake between two levels of icing, and she took it to ship the very next day, and sent it priority.   I'm pretty sure he lived to tell about it, so I guess red velvet is safe to ship. 
 Apparently he loved it.


Kelly said...

Lol....yes he loved it. He said he teared up a little....and am I ever going to top this. I'm wondering the same. I mean from now on, I'll have to come up with truly amazing presents, because that's what he's going to expect.

Carrie @ Dittle Dattle said...

So SWEET! Truly a great idea!
Merry Christmas,

Holly said...

What a cute idea! Merry Christmas!!

Kathryn said...

Awesome idea!

Erin said...

Very cute idea. (But I'm with you on the throwing up just a little bit.) =o) Merry Christmas!!!

Deb said...

cute idea...

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I love that! It could really be altered for any season/reason. GREAT idea!