Peppermint Cherry Tassies

Saturday, December 11, 2010
peppermint cherry tassies
      UCreate let me invade her blog and post a recipe. 
      I  have been following UCreate's sister site for severalk years now.  It was one of the first few blogs I followed before I knew people blogged about more than their weekend.
      I was excited to get to enter her world as a guest.  If you want the recipe for Peppermint, Cherry Tassies, step by steps, and additional opportunity to point and laugh at my invented grammar, or heckle me through another avenue.... head here.  These really are yummy. 
Then....stick around and explore some of the really awesome food post past, present, and future at UCREATE Food. 
And....because of this feature, I also FINALLY finished a button for my blog.  I used a picture of taffy I took in some random store in Branson that is currently my screen saver at work.  I can look at it anytime I'm missing candy....which happens rarely b/c I spend lots of time with candy, but...whatever...

....making a button has been on my list for months..and months. I've  now checked it off my list, yay.   I might even use it someday....who knows.
Next up, I'm going to refresh my list of blogging friends...and their buttons....I have lots of imaginary friends I need to add to my links I've been gathering since I started actually sharing and interacting with other blogs 9 months ago.  Check back in May...maybe I'll have that task complete!


Lori said...

Very cute button and I can say... I knew you when.

Jennifurla said...

It's great to update & revamp - bravo for getting started during the holidays. These look fantastic.