Salad: Watching Your Weight: Macaroni Salad

Sunday, January 09, 2011
I can't exactly say I've gotten a lot out of my membership at a club where I 'watch my weight,'....except...a bunch of recipes.  Yay for healthy, yummy recipes.  Boo for girls that think said recipe should be followed by a brownie or six.  Should I ever decided to get my game together, I've got a little collection going, including this one.  Umm....Oh...My...Yum!  I don't know how this goodness works into a lowfat recipe, I like it as much as my regular.
Here's the recipe for Low(er) Caloried Macaroni Salad
8 oz. elbow macaroni, 1/8 t. salt (for cooking pasta), 1/2 c. reduced calorie mayo, 1 T. red wine vinegar, 1 t. dijon mustard (I added 1 T.), 1/2 t. garlic salt, 1 c. chopped celery, 1/3 c. red onion (I used white, because it's what I had on hand), 2 T. fresh parsley (I didn't add this, was on the recipe card), 1/4 t. salt, 1/8 t. pepper.  Cook macaroni, drain and toss with ingredients.  Chill overnight.
 150 calories per serving, 8 servings.


Cerise said...

Yum! That sounds really good! Totally going to try it!

Titut said...

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