Apron Giveaway: Anthropologie Knock Off....and One for *You*

Monday, February 21, 2011
After approximately 8,567 aprons for other people (with one more to share in a few months)...I finally made one for myself...and, for *you.*  If I were an apron.  This is me.  Granted, this will be the third apron in my drawer. 
I love aprons. 
This won't be my last apron.  I was inspired to make this apron for myself (oh, and *you*) after I saw this one at Anthropology. 
I decided NOT to make the top portion because I don't really like things hanging around my neck, AND since when are aprons anything but ornaments to make you look busy?  If I wore a full length apron, I might, like, get it dirty or something.  I couldn't find the exact fabric, but I'm pretty content with the fabric I did find.  As for the flower, I decided to just go with one they sell at Hobby Lobby and bypass making my own.  It can be a pin or a hair piece, so you can plop it on, or pull it off when the apron needs washing.  Assuming your into that whole laundry 'thing.' 
The bottom trim is an inch of fabric folded over, and sewn in a generally straight line.  I cut the top portion 4.5 inches, folded it inside out, and then gathered up the top portion of the striped apron part as it was sewn on so it 'flares' a bit at the bottom.  I can't promise it doesn't look like a drunk person sewed it.  I can promise I wasn't drunk when I sewed it, but I wish I was....then I'd have a reason for the lack of skills that blossom when I sit in front of a sewing machine. 
Here's apron #2:
I placed the flower higher....I mean, can you believe how versatile this little gal is? 
Need an apron?  
Need a gift? 
Need a dust rag? 
Want to stimulate the postal services revenue this month as I ship this out? 
Leave your name and email below (if it's not linked to a blog).  You don't have to be nice, or tell me you like me as long as you follow and suffer through these daily post...it'll be just like we are real friends then.  Trust me, my friends don't believe in that sort of 'thing.'  You just have to send messages through other forms than telepathy.  Carrier pigeons are totally fine. 
No rules, there are enough of those in the world already. 
I'll come up with some strange, bizarre, and legal (only in my world) way of pulling a name on 1/30 and we can be apron twinkies....and if that didn't make some therapist shudder somewhere, well then....my names not Christy. 
**#30, Peggy, is the winner**:O)


Nina said...

I LOVE the apron!! I don't like the full length ones either. When I wear an apron (which is usually just ornamental like you!!), I just need something to wipe my hands on, so the "skirt" ones are perfect! I know Commenter #1 never gets chosen, but maybe it'll be my lucky day! :)

Deb said...

that is so cool Christy.I would love to win...

Emillie Rose said...

love it!! I am so in love with aprons!

Kelli said...

such a great job!! i love this apron!!


4 Blessings said...

I think it is SO cute and I am not just say'n that to win ;)

Brooke Anna @ Mommy Does... said...

I really like it! I'm all about wiping my hands on my shorts, pants, jeans shirt.... may THIS is why I have no nice clothes? Probably,
anyways I'd love to win and love that you don't have the neck on it. I'm fat and feel like I'm being strangled when I have something around my neck ;)

Anji* said...

Love the aprons Christy!! Very stylish in monochrome. Would love to own one :)

Two Girls and A Guy said...

Um way cute!!!



Robin said...

Well, I do love it! I'm a follower and faithfully read your blog everyday...so...please count me in!

Joji said...

OH MY what a treat to own one of your aprons......

Monica said...

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B.Large said...

I love aprons too! I'm loving this one it's super crafty! I hope you have a God blessed day and week!
Can't wait to see who wins! They will be one lucky gal!
Maybe me;P
Brnadi Jo

Lyndee @ A Recovering Craft Hoarder said...

I have to say, "Well done!" What a fun win it would be.

Heidi said...

I've tried a few aprons with tops and I don't like them. This one looks much cuter and more appealing to me. And considering as how I'm not too handy with a sewing machine (I CAN do straight seams, and that's about it), I'm quite impressed! I'd love to win!

Anonymous said...

Love it!
Enter me please. :)


Donna said...

I love your humour...and your apron!

Meliha said...

Sooo cute! Did I win? did I win? did I win? :)


sarah said...

so cute!! :) I would love to have it,,,,, it would give me a reason to learn how to bake :)

Emily said...

just found your blog. love your humor and the apron!

Corbin said...

I would love love love to win one of these!!! cet080808@hotmail.com

Christy said...

Hey Christy, this is my second givaway entry with you and hopefully this one won't end as badly (ie me losing) great apron! The ones with a top part are always so unflattering!

Kathryn said...

Cute apron! kmomcrafter@yahoo.com

yardana28 said...

Oh wow, I love this! How CUTE! Please enter me to win :)


Anonymous said...

You know I love aprons, and I love your apron!!! You did an awesome job on it!!!! I'd wear aprons just wear them if people wouldn't look at me all crazy in public. LOL!! like I care. Ha ha!! and your post made me giggle out loud this morning, you're a cutie. LOL Hope your day is awesome!!!

Margo said...

I got the love of aprons from my great grandma Nana. I don't think I ever really saw her not wearing one. I love this one you did an amazing job. Thanks so much for the chance to win it. Lots of luck to everyone.

Misty said...

Darling Apron!


Lisa said...

LOVE love love your stuff!!!

Nick Ashley Reagan Coen & Ike said...

Such a cute apron!!! I only have a halloween apron and sometimes I feel silly wearing it in February, so this would be a very welcome addition to my kitchen!


Anash said...

I follow google connect "anash"
email anashct [at] gmail [dot] com

anashct [at] yahoo [dot] com

love your blog- its pretty funni

Peggy said...

I love this apron & it sure would look cute on me! ;o)
And, I know I don't have too, but I do think you're awesome & love everything you do! ;o)

Polly said...

The apron is so cute and would look good wrapped around my hips :)