Thursday, February 10, 2011

Art Bucket 'O Fun Gift

One of my favorite things about the Dallas Art Museums (yesterday's post) are the programs they have for the kids.  During special events, and daily visits, they provide opportunities for kids to explore the world of art through mask, and various materials that align with the various exhibits.  When I went to the museum this last time, there were groups of kids with guides exploring a large section of silver wares.  They had foil, and Styrofoam dishes, and they were creating their own shiny dish.  I decided to send my friend's son a bucket 'o art for this birthday.  It's the gift that keeps giving (his Mom headaches).  I went to all my favorite craft stores, and explored their dollar section for various mediums, and then I included an apron, and permanent markers for him to decorate his own art smock.  I stuck them all in a bucket, and might add some vinyl letters to spell out his name, just because I can.  Or I might not, just because I don't have to. 


Babbs said...

He will have a blast with his Art Bucket!! My kids ALWAYS loved crafts and making things. I think they get more miles and more fun out of gifts like that than they do the toy of the moment. Brings out their "little artist" side. ;)

Holly said...

What a cute idea! I bet he loved it!!!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Great idea...I have a little basket for my five year old and he loves I just need to take him to an Art Museum for some inspiration