Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Late Nights at the Museum

On the third Friday of the month, the Dallas Museum host Late Nights at the Museum from 6pm-midnight.  In August, I decided to drag two of my cousins down to check it out.  I've been before, but they haven't.  My youngest cousin has been known to dable in the arts, my middle cousin is pretty much up for whatever, whenever. 
They had a series of paintings on exhibit called 'Coastlines.'  They generally frown upon you taking pictures of traveling  They also had a series by Pasado with cute little skeletons, it sounds like an antonym, but it's not.  You'll just have to imagine I know what I'm talking about and have good taste in art, I imagine this all the time. 
They also had perfermers, story tellers, and art talks all throughout the evening.  Here are some African Dancers entertaining a dinner crowd. 
I should also warn you my pictures are all compliments of my iphone.  I went straight from work. 
After touring the traveling exhibits, we enjoyed the rest of the paintings, from all over the world, and all periods of art work. 
These aren't necessarily my favorite, but they are the ones by people who's names I recognize.  That's always a good thing.  Here's an O'Keefe
A Monet
A mummy
He/she also had all his/her canopic jars, mask, and jewelery in tow....speaking of toes, you can see his/hers. 
And....this was another traveling exhibit in the modern section of the museum.  I have something that looks VEEERY similiar in my garage, I'm just saying.....
....I'm thinking about inviting people over and charging admission. 
I really do love the Dallas Musuem of Arts.  The other art museums are also open late on this same evening, and I'm going to check some of those out in the near future.


Babbs said...

Oh very cool!! It's been years since I went and I didn't know they hosted a late night. So glad you snuck us a few pics. LOL!!! I may just have to grab the girls and check it out again!! :)

Deb said...

I need to plan on doing to go to museums...

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

My son was there Saturday and I was planning a trip to the Kimbell this have inspired me to do that and take another trip to the Dallas Museum of Art...I went to the Sixth Street Museum the other day, first time in my life and I am a native sad.

KM @ This Plate is Full said...

its super nice to see people supporting the art!!!!!