Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Homemade Iced Animal Cookies

If you like iced animal cookies, you must, absolutely, postively, without a single doubt try these cookies out.  In anticipation of my trip to the zoo last weekend, I thought of these little guy, and then I googled a recipe.  Google is my favorite hobby.  Good news, it doesn't get much easier.  I found a recipe using store bought sugar cookies, and I grabbed these animal cookie cutters from Michael's (Wilton). 
Cut, bake, cool, melt chocolate (heat at 30 second intervals between stirring), sprinkle, and enjoy.  You could dye some pink if you wanted to be really authentic.   
Two Three things I learned: 
1.   Make your cookies pretty thick (at least 1/4 inch) so they are firm and won't snap while being dunked in melted chocolate. 
2.  If you are using a store bought dough, put your cookies in when they are really cold, don't let your dough soften.  You can also cut, and put in the fridge or freezer so it's firm dough.  If you bake it soft, it will puff up and be unrecognizeable blobs of shapes. 
3.  I still can't really figure out what most of the animal shapes are, but they taste even more delicious than the bagged. 

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Pamela said...

Oh yum! I'll have to try this when the grands are here. They love cooking with Mawmaw. Thank you for sharing all your hints.

Brittanie said...

how fun! Im guessing the chocolat is 30 second intervals right? Not 30 minutes :)

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

Cute, Christy! My girls and I are animal cracker connoisseurs. Will have to try this.

Krafty Kat said...

I love them! Would be so fun to make with the kids!