Friday, March 25, 2011

Easter: Rice Crispie Eggs

I think I've mentioned it a time or six....I'm a rice crispie treat fan.  I actually made some bunny decorated rice crispie treats for my table 'favors' a few years ago.  I also love egg carton packages, and so....this is my latest rice crispie creation.  I found out last fall you can dye rice crispie treats, and the world seems like a better place now.  Basiclaly, figure out what colors you want to use, divide the marshmallow/butter mix up into that many bowls, add  your dye to each, and then add your rice crispies to each, stir, and you are ready to create.  To make the eggs, I took egg halves, and I covered each half with syran wrap, and the pressed in my rice crispies. 
I squished both sides together, and let them cool.  I then just popped out the treats using the syran wrap to slide them out easily, wrapped, and placed it boxes for give aways.  There is probably enough butter in the treats that the syran wrap isn't necessary, but I just used it for storage/freshness purposes after I popped it out.  I could have left the rice crispie the 'color it comes' and just left them in colorful eggs in the carton, or added sprinkles/dipped them in chocolate etc etc etc, but I have plenty more Easter celebrations in my future, so dyed rice crispies will be 'my thing' for 2011!


Deb said...

too cute....I'm definately going to try this one..