50 Cent Screen Snowmen

Thursday, July 28, 2011
This is very much a work in progress, but I've added screens to my list of things to play around with this year...except, I wanted to find a cheaper form of doing this other than finding old screen doors and windows....I wish they were readily available, but they aren't.  I have no doubt this has been done before, and much better, but here's my version of screen painting.  I found an empty frame at a garage sale, and a piece of screen left over from my friend Terry's, sister, remodeling job.  I'm sure you can purchase this at stores like Home Depot.  I also found a picture of a simple snowman in Terry's pile of projects I wanted to try out. 
 I painting my snowman.  I tried to make the paint thick, but it still seeped throughthe box.  Penmenship is my next issue, but I have a long way to go!  I can handle that, I have a long life ahead of me. 
 It took a lot of paint to get the screen completely covered.  I tried this a second time and found placing the screen on a trashbag took less paint and helped keep the coating thick. 
 Even though I made the paint thick, it still stayed on the box, and only the screen ended up being painting. 
 I added a wire to the back, and gave the frame a light spray of paint.  I just used supplies I had at home, so for 50 cents....new series of projects have been launched. 


Donna said...

Cute idea! You can get the screening at any hardware store. We had to replace the screen in our sliding door a couple of years age and it was fairly inexpensive.

Lila said...

Oh goodness, this is so cute!! Pigs must be flyin' somewhere cuz I'm actually getting into the spirit of this whole Christmas in July thing :) Keep 'em comin'~~~I love stalking, errrrr reading your blog!!!

Melissa said...

Hi Christy..

I'm a producer with Good Morning Texas at channel 8.
I've been searching everywhere for someone to come on the show next Tuesday (8/2) and demonstrate how to make a pinata.
Would you be interested?
You sight looks really cool.. lots of great ideas.
If you are interested I'd need to know asap.
You can contact my at my desk at 214-977-6704 or if i don't answer, my personal cell phone at 817-229-7840.

Thanks & hope to hear from you very soon-

Melissa Jones
Good Morning Texas
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tt.scraps said...

Love it, think I'm gonna copy....mmmmk.