Watermelon 5 Cents Screen Door Hanging

Friday, July 29, 2011
 ...and speaking of screens.  I made this one for my summer door.  I saw this original painting design on Gainer's Crafts.  I love this idea b/c watermelon just screams summer to me.  I used a piece of screen, and placed it on top of a trashbag to paint.  This made the paint pool and when it dried it stayed better on the screen. 
I'm now out of screen and frames this size, so I guess it's on to a new crafting venue.  


Unknown said...

This is so cute! Good idea with the trash bag. That would never have crossed my mind!

Lolly Jane said...

Way cute summer decor! So creative! Thanks for sharing AND for linkin up @ Whatcha Got Weekend!

Happy Saturday!
♥Lolly Jane