Alaskan Cruise Post 1: Seattle, Washington

Tuesday, July 05, 2011
 This was my second time to stay in Seattle, and for a city who boast more than 200 cloudy days, all I've been met with is beautiful sunshine.  I'm not complaining because I loved it several years ago when I swung through on my journey up the coast via the Starlight Express, and I loved it this time around as an overnight stop before my cruise ship left port.  My favorite thing to do is ask the expert, AKA, bloggers who live nearby, and this go 'round I got great advice from Malia from Yesterday on Tuesday. 
My Mom and I got in after a four hour flight from Dallas. We gained two hours, thanks to the time change.  We chose to stay in the same hotel we found last time via Frommers.  The Moore Hotel.  I love this place.  It's affordable (a little less than 100 a night), vintage good (clawfoot tubs, old wooden doors and locks, but updated luxories).  The staff is fabulous.  They have always been friendly, professional, and extremely helpful.  I don't recommend too many hotels unless they go above and beyond, or are unique, this is one of my favorites. 
We headed straight to Pike's Market (2 blocks down a steep hill).  The thing I'm discovering is the market closes pretty early (5-6), and doesn't open early (sometimes after 7....even the donut shop), thought the (very first) Starbucks was open and available for my drinking pleasure at all hours of my visit. 
We walked and shopped, I left *you* plenty of seafood (bleck, no....I don't like it Sam I Am.  I've tried it fried, baked, smoked, in a box with a fox....I just don't like it....sorry....I've spent the last 20 years of my life trying to convince others I really can't stand eating fish, they always insist this :insert the dish you'd recommend for me: will be different.  I try it.  It's not.  I tried it this time.  It's not OK!....I'm done.  I left it for you because I do not like it Sam I Am.)
I didn't consume too much fish, but I did watch the fish fly here....I love this fish stall, home of a good time, but also a great work structure called FISH that I've lived and breathed with a really great boss once upon a time, birthed right here. 
I left plenty of this pretty fish behind, but I didn't leave too much else at the other vendors. 
I made the pilgrimage to the gum wall.  (Underneath the fish shop show above down a ramp)....otherwise known as:  'Why they don't allow gum in school.'
This time I tried out a new delicacy (thanks to Heather and Amber's advice).  Donuts (next to the newsstand, around the corner from 'the flying fish' place).  Yes, these really are that good. 
Someday I'm going to give Seattle more than 24 hours of my time, but after an evening and a morning exploring Pike's Market, it was off to the port...


Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

Sounds like a great time, Christy. I've never been to Seattle. Can't wait to hear more about your trip :)

tt.scraps said...

That sounds like fun! My kids di FISH. Very cool