Alaskan Cruise Post 7: Victoria, Canada

Friday, July 08, 2011
Our last stop (it's as sad to say that now as it was the day it happened) was Victoria, Canada.  It's just a few hours from Seattle, and we didn't arrive until the evening, so there was very little daylight left, and not a lot of light at that because of the rain.  It was still a precious town with gorgeous homes, bed and breakfast locations that make my heart weep a little, a gorgeous harbor, and sleepy streets on our nine o'clock double decker bus tour.  We passed mile 0 of the Canadian highway that stretches across the country.
More totem poles, they never get old. 
The harbor, which was approximately 546,789 times more beautiful than the below bridge/cloudy night/speeding double decker rained drenched window can express.  What?  You don't believe me?  OK, I'm willing to go back and try to recapture it's beauty through film.
One piece of china town, this area was much better than this one little neon lit restaurant displays, but it was the only semi-OK picture I could snag.
I want to live here.
Government building lite with what can only be called Christmas lights, but probably aren't, but I'm going to pretend like they are because I could really dig a town that believes Christmas is a twelve month celebration.  I personally celebrate Christmas for 13 months a year, I think it'll  catch on some day.
Cute widdle wight house and Washignton's mountains.  I spit on you Washington for being so close, you should have been at least three more weeks away because I wasn't ready to see you and your stinky little airport again.  OK....I don't spit on you, but I'm not pleased to see what can only be the end of my vacation looming in the distance.
Sea wall and sunset and a mountain range that I think I exhausted in my previous paragraph's discussion.
Statue waving goodbye...or hello...or goodbye...or hello.  It's like the glass is half empty half full half empty half full question.  Or not, I'm sure there is a very good reason for the waving statue.  I'll go back and read the plaque so I can clear this important matter up. 
If I didn't have 6 more states to see in my quest to see all 50 states.  And if my friends weren't so good at matrimony and procreating that require me to visit other locations, I'd add this Alaskan Cruise back to the top of my travel list and do it all over again....tomorrow.  P.s.  I had a good time.


Shane and Laine said...

So fun! I want to go more places in the US

tt.scraps said...

Awesome! It all sounds so great!!!! Thanks for sharing - great pictures!!!