Easy Bling Bracelet

Friday, July 08, 2011
 I was at a boutique a month or so back and we passed a bracelet with three layers of beads.  I find I no longer can look at items in stores without taking them apart mentally.  I actually go to certain stores to take things apart mentally.  My friend Kelly introduced me to jewelry making tools, and I'm no where near in anyway anything less than someone who dabbles, but it's amazing to think back on the amount of money I've spent on things that turn out to be really easy to put together.  Case in point.  The above bracelet look-alike I saw was 20 dollars.  It cost me about 5 dollars to make this one, with extra beads and elastic left over. 
I bought the beads at Michael's for 50 percent off ($2 a package, and I bought 2 packages), and the elastic for 30% off from Hobby Lobby (1.40).  I threaded the beads, tied off the end, and I added a little super glue to keep the knot tied.  It took me about 10 minute total, and that's only because I didn't add the super glue on bracelet number 2 until after all the beads popped off all over the floor when I tried it on for size. 


Jo said...

So I want to know what your "word" of choice was when you tried on bracelet #2 and the beads danced off?

Christy said...

I think I'm so used to things falling apart before they work I've desensitized to a reaction these days! I didn't even go find the beads under my entertainment system. Someday I'll pull them all out and make one big hodge podge of a bracelet! ;0)

Regan and Dave said...

I'm thinking we could try jewelry next time you come up, you know, between the baby shower and all. Or, we could try to fit it in if you get up here before I decide to go in to labor. We could make it happen :).