Numbered Jewelry Box....and Jewelry to Fill It

Wednesday, July 13, 2011
I've seen all these dressers on the net this past year with numbered drawers.  My first experience was on Lori's blog, and I just love the idea....I just don't have room for a dresser in my house!  So...I bought this little wooden box at Michael's Craft Store for about 5 bucks. 
 I painted one half of the draw white, and then I put stickers over the white, some numbers, some words spelling out 1-5. 
 I painted the whole thing black (you can see the stickers when you look, closely). 
 I peeled off the stickers, and the white numbers were left.  You can also write the numbers with paint after the fact, but this was my lazy attempt.  I sanded down the sides of the drawers and the box.  I've also been jewelry obsessed lately.  I'll be posting some after they are gifted that are a little more elaborate than the below necklaces, but these are just a few I threw together on regular jewelry string.  Nothing fancy, but evidence of my latest addiction.  Black and silver. 
 This is what happens with 99% of my projects.  I went outside to take a picture before it was too dark, but all photos involve a ball game with Max. 
Necklace number two is pearl and gold with a little locket I bought at Michael's as well.  I'm experimenting with color combos these days. 
I need three more and my drawers will be full. 

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Lori said...

I thought of me when I saw it! The sticker idea is great! Wish I had thought of that. I printed mine out and cut and taped. Great job.