Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Pumpkin: Pinata Pumpkin Favors

 I have a secret...most of the post about pumpkins this week are actually projects I completed LAST fall.  I have about 20 'new' pumpkin projects I want to try.  I'll be posting some of those throughout the fall.  BUT, I did throw this little guy together this summer after I completed this pull tab pinata tuturial.  These are mini pinatas you can make and fill for individual guest to pull the tab and open and find treats inside.  I was looking at the shape and thinking of how perfect this would be for a pumpkin.  I love throwing parties of any kind, and I love table decors.  I used the instructions from the above link to make the pinata.  I then covered it with orange tissue.  I added some green ribbon vines.  I filled it with Halloween candy.  I attached the last piece to this toilet roll 'stem' and it can be pulled open to reveal the treats inside at the end of the party.  I guess August is a little too soon to throw that party, but...these little guys will be waiting. 


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Love It!

J+S said...

This is so great! I am planning to feature you on my blog tomorrow (again). You are so amazing. I will credit and link back to you. Just let me know if this is a problem.