Friday, September 09, 2011

Halloween: Monsters: Franken-Pudding

 As I was coming up with a round of monster crafts, the theme has been-easy!  This is another easy, but fun dessert.  I originally saw this on Martha's site, she used chopped chocolate cookies for hair.   I took some clear cups, chocolate I melted in a ziplock in the microwave.  (Heat at 30 second intervals, squish, heat another 30 seconds, usually 1 minute is plenty).  Snip off an end, and pipe your face inside the cup. 
Place in fridge to harden. 
I mixed up some instant jello, adding about 6 drops of green color.  I poured it into the cups (this particular size cup makes two monsters).  I topped it off with brown jimmies for his hair. 
It would also be really yummy to use mini chocolate chips for the hair.  Puddng+chocolate chunks=monster goodness.  Just a little math I learned in my youth. 


Jo said...

No, it is not easy to pipe a small little face in a small cup with big clumsy hands. You are just incredible!!

Anonymous said...

Fun, fun, fun ideas! I hope you don't mind but I saved your post to Pinterest! xo, Nan